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The Latest Scoop 2023- Issue 4

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President's Message

I Made a Mistake, and I am Responsible

The reality is that everyone makes mistakes and how a person reacts when a mistake happens can leave a lasting impression on those around them. President Keith Brubacher shares a real-life story about making mistakes in the workplace and encourages individuals who make mistakes to respond appropriately by accepting their part in the incident, addressing the contributing factors, and asking themselves if their responses, questions, and actions demonstrate a personal commitment to growth in excellence.

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Brubacher & Beyond Podcast

Listen Now! The Brubacher & Beyond Podcast

Are you interested in digging deeper into the civil construction industry? Subscribe to the Brubacher & Beyond Podcast to hear insightful discussions between Brubacher team members and interviews with industry experts on timely topics. In 2023 we covered how the construction industry was impacted by pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, discussed the importance of suicide awareness and prevention, and dug into safety, workplace culture and more.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to share new topics including the current recruiting and hiring landscape in the construction industry and what challenges are ahead, a recap of the DirtWorld Summit held in Houston, Texas, and more!

Visit our website to learn about our recent episodes and find instructions on how to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform! Or listen now on BuzzSprout, Spotify, and Podcast Index.

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Featured Project: McClennen Tract

Overcoming Underground Complexities to Transform an Old Farmstead into a New Residential Development

See how our commitment to delivering Insight. On Site. is helping overcome unique challenges including a substantial amount of rock underground, an onsite creek, and complex utility work to successfully transform an old, wooded farmstead into a new subdivision for our partners at Select Properties.

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Featured Service: Dedication & Special Projects

Bringing Extensive Resources & High-Quality Standards to Limited-Scale Projects

Learn how the Brubacher team helps clients navigate narrowly defined projects that often have the same level of complexity as projects on a broader scale. From lean budgets and tight schedules to stakeholders with varied goals and interests, the team’s approach to collaborative construction and ability to deliver solutions that drive value are the key to project success.

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Featured Department: Small Tools – Powering Safety & Project Success with the Right Equipment

Thank you to Brubacher’s Small Tools Department for ensuring our field crews are fully supplied with the equipment and tools needed to get every job done right.

Team members Tyler C., Andy H., and Ted S., apply their firsthand field experience in a wide range of roles to help crew members anticipate the tools and equipment they will need for a specific job and ensure the right resources are available. From managing our safety gear inventory to rapidly responding to a jobsite when something needs repaired or an unexpected challenge arises that requires a special piece of equipment, dig deeper into how this critical department powers project efficiency and success.

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Recognition & Service Awards

7 Team members received service awards this past season, ranging from 5 to 35 years of excelling in their careers at Brubacher! Join us in congratulating each of them on their hard work and many great achievements, as we also express our gratitude for the difference they make every day and for their long-term dedication to our company, team, and clients.

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Featured Photos

See our team in action as they work together on a range of projects, share decades of knowledge and experience with one another, celebrate their co-workers and more. These featured photos show behind-the-scenes moments of how the Brubacher team is living out our mission of Shaping The World We Live In!

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