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Featured Service: Dedication & Special Projects

  • Painters Crossing- Replaced existing culvert and installed rip rap channel.

  • Oaks At Lafayette Hill Dedication- converted basin outlet structure and installed trash rack.

  • Liseter HOP – Installed curb and poured in place Belgium block for the island.

  • Lancaster/Lebanon- IU13- Installed underground infiltration basin under new pervious paving parking lot extension.

  • Enola Landscape berm- installed berm along roadway to help seclude solar field.

Bringing Extensive Resources & High-Quality Standards to Limited-Scale Projects

For projects of all sizes, Brubacher’s focus on delivering exceptional experiences and high-quality results is unwavering. The same commitment we make to large-scale projects, providing Insight. On Site. through intentional planning, quality workmanship, and delivering solutions that create value, also extends to projects that require a more specialized focus. While work designated as “Dedication & Special Projects” often has a narrowly defined scope, the level of complexity involved frequently rivals that of a project on a broader scale. Lean budgets, tight schedules, and stakeholders with varied goals and interests are common. Helping each client successfully navigate these complexities through an approach of collaborative construction is woven into our company’s DNA.

Getting it Right to Leave a Lasting Impression

For residential development projects, dedication work involves executing the final touches that make a new neighborhood shine. From final curb and sidewalk installations to roadway paving and creating walking paths, playgrounds, and other HOA improvements, these steps ensure each development is ready to best serve homeowners. At this key closeout phase in development, there are often a wide variety of stakeholders involved, each with unique goals that influence project success. As projects come down to the wire, there is often scrutiny around budget and schedule, meeting municipality and civil standards, and managing homeowner expectations. Our Dedication & Special Projects Superintendents and Project Managers are sometimes negotiators, sometimes peacekeepers, and consistent problem solvers as they facilitate collaboration and deliver workable solutions that create value and ultimately deliver project success.

As our crews work to close out a project, it is common for residents to have already moved into their new homes. Creating professional, positive experiences in every interaction is something every Brubacher team member strives to achieve. We are mindful of those living near the jobsite and take extra care to ensure the neighborhood’s safety and appearance, while delivering positive interactions. Most times, our crew members are the last people homeowners interact with during construction, and delivering an uncommonly refreshing experience is at the heart of a job well done.

“Brubacher may be working in front of someone’s driveway repairing the sidewalk or be in their backyard doing regrading work. It is important to us that our crews are very courteous and professional in this environment,” shared Keith Brubacher, President. “I have received many comments about employees helping residents back out of their driveways or giving toy hard hats to children intrigued by the heavy machinery and work. The team debunks common construction worker stereotypes, and I am proud of their dedication to going the extra mile for residents.”

Whether we are wrapping up dedication work on a project we have been involved in from the start or tapped in as a partner in the final stages to bring a development across the finish line, we recognize this key phase is often what clients, partners, and residents remember most about the project. We take seriously our responsibility to get the job done right and leave a lasting positive impression.

Special Projects
A Solutions-Oriented Approach to Project Success

Often defined as “smaller” in terms of budget/scale or encompassing a more narrowly defined scope of work, efforts categorized as “Special Projects” can carry big complexity and often require a problem-solving approach to deliver success. Brubacher’s decades of experience and comprehensive in-house capabilities equip our team to deliver flexibility in our services while adding value to projects of all sizes.

Special projects can be standalone needs, like a parking lot expansion or culvert replacement, or they can be a defined part of a bigger picture, such as wetland restoration, redirecting water drainage for stormwater management, land clearing, and more. Because special projects are often narrowly defined and smaller in scope, there is usually minimal working space, tighter budget planning, and little to no room for error. Using our knowledge from lessons learned over the decades, we create pre-plans and alternative plans to mitigate risk and project challenges and ensure the work moves forward efficiently and successfully.

Whether a client has a failing culvert that needs replaced, like the Glenhardie Culvert Replacement project, or they need a floodplain restored to its natural state for stormwater management and environmental benefits, like the Painters Crossing project, our highly skilled field team is ready to dig in. With decades of service and experience, we work directly with property owners and developers to provide guidance, do visual inspections, create a project scope and drawings (if not already in place), and ensure the project is completed right the first time.

 Applying Big Experience to Drive Success for Narrowly Defined Projects

As a team empowered with diverse capabilities and resources, we are honored to be able to support both large-scale and narrowly focused projects from the ground down. No matter the project size, our approach to collaboration, developing workable solutions for all partners, and delivering high-quality results is at the heart of our commitment to cultivate lasting relationships built on trust.

“Our supervisors and crews dedicated to this type of work are hands-on from start to finish. They put in many hours of work and planning, as well as strategic thought, to ensure every aspect of the project is delivered according to plan and that the client has an exceptional experience. The team is the key to the success of our dedication and special projects service,” said Andrew S., Project Manager/Estimator.

If you have dedication work or a special project on the horizon, start a conversation with our team to learn how we can blend our company resources and expertise with your specific needs to add value to your next project.

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