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Site Development

Integrated Services That Deliver Value From Start to Finish

site development view from drone dwell project in may

We fulfill our promises through a seamless scope of services performed by one fully committed team, delivering efficiency, quality control, and peace of mind of a single source of project responsibility. Our approach to site development begins with investing time up front to understand project goals, discovering potential challenges long before they can become problems, and creating a comprehensive plan before we break ground. When it’s time to dig in, this strategic approach continues through a commitment to provide Insight. On Site., as we apply decades of experience to deliver true value and complete client satisfaction.

Our experienced team, combined with a best-in-class fleet and dedication to live safety as a value, are your assurances of a job well done and on time. Site work contractors are often the first on the scene and the last to leave. For us, that means a chance to create exceptional experiences through all phases of your project. Check out the links below to learn more about our in-house capabilities and reach out to the team to start a conversation today.

Construction Surveying

Quality Results From the Ground Down

construction surveying

Experienced. Dedicated. In-house. That’s what you can expect when you choose Brubacher for your construction survey needs. Having a team of experienced surveyors on staff allows us to reduce client risk and capture valuable data up front to inform project planning. And, if a survey need arises during construction, we have the manpower and expertise to get it done quickly and efficiently to keep projects on schedule. Our survey and GPS modeling professionals have worked with engineers on a wide variety of construction projects and work together to resolve issues that arise during the GPS modeling and construction processes. This advance collaboration creates efficiency and eliminates costly surprises or delays.

We uncover the answers to questions such as: How will the grades tie into the existing swale at station 100+25? What are our options for achieving flow in the sanitary sewer, if the existing gas main we are crossing is at a different elevation than shown on the plan? By investing in the in-house expertise and technology to provide survey and advance utility location as an integrated service, we can ensure a higher level of schedule and quality control. Connect with the team to learn how in-house surveying creates value for our clients.

Land Clearing & Demolition

Safe, Fast, Let's Get This Job Started!

land clearing

You shouldn’t have to start off projects behind schedule, listening to excuses, and seeing unsafe behavior. The Brubacher solution to starting projects off on the right foot and on time: a dedicated in-house land clearing and demolition crew with the expertise to deliver true value to your project from start to finish. Steep, rocky, overgrown – you name it, we’ve cleared it. From one to 100 acres, we’ve led the way for pipelines, roads, buildings, new neighborhoods, shopping centers, golf courses, gas well pads, and more. Have confidence that we won’t be practicing on your project. We apply decades of experience to get the job done safely and efficiently.

The performance of our team is widely acclaimed by our clients and other contractors. You can be confident that we will bring a depth of experience, as well as a fleet of specialized equipment designed to perform with speed and efficiency. Our crew is trained to work on HAZWOPER and MSHA-regulated sites (Part 46 and 48), in OSHA regulations, and is certified in first aid and CPR. We are PennDOT prequalified as a subcontracting expert in clearing land for highway projects and have decades of experience in:

  • Clearing & Grubbing
  • Clear Cutting
  • Right-Of-Way Clearing
  • Horizontal Grinding
  • Building Demolition
  • And More!

Land clearing and demolition can be performed as part of a complete site package or as an individual service. Reach out to discuss your upcoming project needs and learn more about Brubacher’s customized solutions and expertise.

Excavation & Grading

excavation and grading

Extensive Earthwork Capabilities

The success of your project relies on the stability of the ground it’s built on. A well thought out plan for effective land grading and excavation site work can ensure the project infrastructure sets you up for success. As an earthwork contractor with a mission of Shaping the World We Live In, we’ve successfully moved tens of millions of cubic yards of dirt since our company’s founding in 1971 for warehouses, residential subdivisions, landfills, quarry overburden removal, power substations, and everything in between.

We leverage decades of experience on how to best cut, fill, compact, and grade for projects of all sizes across all soil types to create value for clients. This includes collaboration with onsite geotechnical engineers to develop a thorough plan to mitigate risk and manage unsuitable soils, rock, and sinkhole challenges. When it’s time to dig in, our experienced team stands ready to work safely and efficiently to deliver exceptional results, leveraging our $50 million fleet of best-in-class equipment to deliver <2% unscheduled downtime that keeps projects on schedule. Contact us to learn more about how we can help add value for your next earthwork project.

Utilities Infrastructure

Experience and Adaptability You Can Count On

Site Dev Crew

Safe, accurate, and schedule-driven utility installations and upgrades are key to serving our community’s needs. Partner with the experts who can perform the tasks quickly, economically, and, most importantly, safely. At Brubacher, we have the experienced team and industry-leading fleet of equipment to do just that.

Underground Utilities

Brubacher crews safely and efficiently install miles of new and replacement distribution pipelines, complete thousands of new services and transfers, and navigate tens of thousands of existing underground utilities, both known and unknown. Our in-house vacuum excavation capabilities mitigate risk and can help eliminate construction delays and high-dollar change orders that can result from utility strikes or conflicts. From rural gas lines through fields and mountains to urban water main replacements, sanitary sewer system installations, and everything in between, Brubacher gets the job done right, on budget and on time..

Pipe Fusion

Fused HDPE pipe provides a cost-effective alternative to standard site utilities installation. The technique is used for sewer force mains, gas lines, electrical and communication conduits, water lines, and some drainage applications. Specifically, pipe fusion can help increase production and decrease the likelihood of leaks, as pipe joints are four times stronger than the density of HDPE pipe. Our crews are certified to fuse HDPE pipe from ½” to 18” in diameter for natural gas, water, or sanitary uses and can perform sidewall, electrofusion, and extrusion welding. We maintain certifications and drug-testing consortium requirements for gas line installations.

In addition to providing exceptional client experiences, the Brubacher team is trusted for a safe and professional approach to interacting with residents and motorists who are often impacted by utility projects in existing roadways. Our commitment to delivering an uncommonly refreshing experience extends to all aspects of underground utility construction and is key to delivering on our promise to provide quality results. Contact the team to learn more about how Brubacher can advance your next project with confidence.

Vacuum Excavation

Increasing Safety, Accuracy, and Productivity

vacuum excavation

Underground utility strikes are among the most common construction accidents this year. They present tremendous safety concerns and can significantly derail project budgets and schedules when they occur. Brubacher’s in-house vacuum excavation capabilities can significantly mitigate that risk, providing reliable data and information to accurately identify utility locations from the start of the project.

Vacuum excavation utilizes a high-pressure air or water and vacuum system to locate underground utility lines and to access remote areas up to 100 feet away and 10 feet deep during the excavation process. When used in conjunction with hydro excavation, it can remove most types of soil. Brubacher’s expertise in vacuum excavation and hydro vac services includes:

  • Locating Existing Utilities
  • Cleaning Out Valve Boxes
  • Performing Maintenance & Repair on Sanitary Sewers
  • Locating Existing Underground Obstructions
  • Digging Under Existing Structures
  • Excavating Fence Posts & Signs
  • Performing Emergency Excavation Response.

By accurately locating underground utilities early on, we add exceptional value for our clients by avoiding unexpected redesign, long lead times, safety risks, and unwanted job costs due to an underground utility strike. Get in touch to discuss how leveraging vacuum excavation as part of strategic project planning can help keep your projects on budget and on schedule.

Asphalt Paving & Milling

Experience That Drives Value

asphalt paving crew

As a paving contractor with a mission of Shaping the World We Live In, we look at projects from your perspective. We’re often the “uninvited guests” repaving neighborhoods and parking lots, and it’s also our commitment to be courteous, safe, and professional, treating the area as if it were our own. Our experienced team, combined with reliable, up-to-date equipment, provides quality results every time, and everything we do is intentional, honest, and performed with confidence.

When you partner with Brubacher for your asphalt milling and asphalt paving needs, we bring decades of experience gained over thousands of acres. Before we begin, our team takes initiative in the pre-planning phase to mitigate risks, uncover potential problems and identify solutions, and minimize the inconvenience to others. Our in-house surveying and stake-out team gets a true lay of the land to avoid costly change orders later. From subgrade preparation to final grading, asphalt placement, and compaction, we pay attention to quality every step of the way because we know the importance of results that hold up to the intended use. Clients count on Brubacher for a wide range of milling and paving services, including:

  • Streets
  • Parking Lots
  • Large Driveways
  • PennDOT Milling & Paving
  • Utility Trench Restoration
  • Full Depth Milling
  • Mill in Place
  • Overlay Milling
  • Curb Reveal Milling
  • Asphalt Patches
  • Road Widening

Having a dedicated in-house paving team with industry-leading experience and equipment ensures we have the know-how to handle any project, whether it requires working roadway night shifts or in someone’s front yard. Reach out to learn more and see how we can put our experience to work to deliver a smooth paving partnership from start to finish.

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Despite many jobsite challenges and working in the middle of winter, our team successfully completed civil improvements for a new substation project. Read more to see how this led to a continued, long-term partnership between Brubacher and the electric power company.

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