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Featured Department: Small Tools – Powering Safety & Project Success with the Right Equipment

  • Tyler C., Tool Room Assistant, and Ted S., Parts & Small Tools Supervisor

  • Andy H., Equipment Manager

  • A clean and organized yard

  • A well stocked and organized shop

Thank you to Brubacher’s Small Tools Department for ensuring our field crews are fully supplied with the equipment and tools needed to get every job done right.

When people think of excavation, grading, paving, and other site development work, they often picture excavators, dump trucks, asphalt rollers, and other heavy machinery moving around a jobsite. However, there are many other small tools and pieces of equipment that are needed to complete a project safely and successfully.

Team members Tyler C., Tool Room Assistant; Andy H., Equipment Manager; and Ted S., Parts & Small Tools Supervisor, all play a key role in maintaining Brubacher’s in-house small machinery and ensuring our crew members have the proper support resources, personal protective equipment (PPE), and safety equipment conveniently available to them. From hard hats to more specialized gear needed for confined space entry, the department is responsible for managing Brubacher’s safety equipment inventory and ensuring every team member has easy access to the required gear that will protect them on the jobsite. In addition to PPE, the department applies their firsthand field experience in a wide range of roles to help crew members anticipate the tools and equipment they will need for a specific job. Their insights in the tool room and commitment to service excellence help ensure all the right tools and equipment arrive on site in great condition so work can advance as scheduled and efficiencies can be created along the way.

“With nearly 18 years at Brubacher, Ted has worked in different positions within the company and has the experience to deliver valuable insights into what specific tools and equipment a job may require. Both Ted and Tyler are thoughtful and are sure to ask crew members the right questions and provide guidance to ensure they have all the necessary tools and equipment to complete a job,” shared Andy.

With Andy, Ted, and Tyler’s support, our supervisors can save valuable time accessing our in-house equipment versus making multiple trips to the rental yard or store. When something needs to be fixed or an unexpected challenge arises on site, the Small Tools Department is prepared to respond rapidly with the appropriate resources to ensure important milestones are always achieved on time and the project is on budget.

“When any needs or challenges arise that are equipment and tools related, I can grab exactly what our crews need from the tool room and get to the jobsite to address the situation quickly. Knowing that I support crew members and the company in this way is very rewarding. I love what I do,” said Ted.

The department’s initiative behind the scenes, their in-depth knowledge of the tool room, and ability to maintain Brubacher’s small equipment is critical to successful and efficient work in the field. They play a key role in the uncommonly refreshing experience that we deliver for our clients.

Thank you, Andy, Ted, and Tyler, for your teamwork and dedication to our field employees. Your guidance and efforts are so important to our ability to deliver quality results and value to our clients!

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