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Featured Photos: Latest Scoop 2023 Issue 4

  • Part of our team at the ABC Eastern Chapter Excellence in Construction Awards Gala where we received awards for our Painter’s Crossing and Pond’s Edge projects in Delaware County. Congratulations to our teams for dedication to working together safely and delivering quality projects to our clients.

  • Our Clearing Crew breaking ground on a new 70-acre subdivision in Chester County. Barney and his team are known for safe, efficient land clearing and demolition.

  • One of the many joys of working in excavating…the morning sunrise popping over the horizon while our team members, Charlie and Jordan, fire up Cat D9 and D6 dozers for the day ahead.

  • Nick and his pipe crew working together to install sanitary sewer at our McClennen Project in preparation for 196 homes. A good pipe crew is a well-oiled machine that flows together throughout the day!

  • Newly promoted Screed Operator Justin checking curb reveal as our paving crew completes a driveway at Conestoga Christian School in Morgantown, PA. Seasoned Roller Operator Shirwin, coaching Justin from the seat of the Roller.

  • Mark and crew installing watermain at Norristown. Spoils are loaded out, pipe installed and backfilled, and working on preparing a 3 way “T” fitting while waiting on the Triaxle’s to get back. Always planning and staying a step ahead to keep the crew moving!

  • Todd utilizing all the power of a CAT 374 excavator to load 40-ton haul trucks and keep the dirt moving to shape a residential project of 176 homes.

  • Charlie and his Pipe crew at our Philmont Project installing an electric crossing before the rest of the road gets sub-graded and stoned in preparation for our paving crew.

  • Celebrating Accounts Payable Administrative Assistant, Gerry’s, 35-year anniversary as part of the Brubacher team! (Gerry is front and center)

  • Celebrating Dozer Operator, Wade’s, 35-year anniversary as part of the Brubacher team!

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