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Board of Directors

Most family-owned businesses are closed systems, keeping the decision making and accountability to a tight circle of likeminded kin. The Brubacher family has chosen to break that mold, and our company has benefited greatly. Since its founding in 2007, this independent board has consistently included at least two non-family directors with no other business relationships with the company, bringing fresh perspectives to our business. Their insights are taken from decades of varied executive leadership, ownership and life experiences. They provide a level of accountability for the President and shareholders that few other family businesses benefit from.

Meet Our Board

Brubacher is a stronger, more diversified company as a result of these seasoned professionals asking tough questions and sharing wisdom. In fact, this is the same model of the accountability expected from every Brubacher team member for their actions and outcomes. The Brubacher board of directors works in concert with our executive leadership team, professional advisors, shareholders and family council.

Scott Heintzelman
Chairman of the Board
Keith A. Brubacher
President and Board Member
Ben Brubacher
Board Member
Myron Brubacher
Board Member
Chuck Grier
Board Member
Larry Winkleman
Board Member