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The Latest Scoop 2023- Issue 3

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President's Message

Stop Whining and Start Winning

We are guilty. As an industry…at Brubacher…and yes, I am too. And I am getting tired of hearing it. We have the refrain well-memorized in several variations. Those of us who have been in the construction industry for years can certainly recognize differences in our experiences or approach and what we observe in some newcomers today. I am not going to debate or minimize those generational differences, but there are just as many about which to be excited as to be concerned. I do know one thing for sure: our opportunity to lead effectively and be a positive influence on those joining our industry and our company is reduced every time we recite general statements about any generation, veteran or newcomer.

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Suicide Awareness and Prevention

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The Truth: It’s OK to Not Be OK

Creating conversations about mental health in a high-hazard and high-stress industry

Each year, September is observed as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and within it, Construction Suicide Prevention Week occurs during the first full week of the month. These industry awareness months provide an opportunity to amplify important and meaningful conversations around topics that are critical to recognize year-round. As part of team engagement throughout September, Brubacher’s leadership team created conversations within the workplace about mental health and suicide prevention to encourage team camaraderie and remind individuals that it’s OK to not be OK. “Taking a holistic approach to checking in on each other, whether at work or at home, is important. Life is tough and people experience all types of stress. Being present and being a non-judgmental listening ear can be very impactful for those who are facing personal struggles,” shared Larry W., Workplace Chaplain at Brubacher.

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Brubacher & Beyond Podcast

Check Out the Latest Episodes on the Brubacher & Beyond Podcast

Check out the new releases available now on the Brubacher & Beyond Podcast, including a timely and insightful episode featuring conversation with our partners at LB Water on managing, evaluating, and learning from recent industry-wide project and supply chain disruptions. You can access the Brubacher & Beyond Podcast anytime using your favorite podcast platform.

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Featured Project: Delaware National & Philmont Redevelopment Projects

Transforming Former Golf Courses into Housing Developments

Partnering with landowners, developers, and municipalities to establish solid foundations for their residential communities is an important piece of achieving our Brubacher mission of Shaping The World We Live In. We are honored to apply our depth of knowledge and experience in residential development and redevelopment construction to help build communities and steward resources in ways that serve others well. From value engineering, sequencing, and risk management to full site preparation services, our team considers the unique needs of our clients along with project constraints and digs deep (literally in these two situations – by probing to quantify rock and provide lump-sum pricing assurance to each client) to minimize surprises later on.

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Featured Service: Construction Surveying

Evolving in the Digital Era Enhances Safety, Accuracy, and Efficiency

If you were to use the phrase “construction surveying” 20 years ago, a near universal image of pounding wooden stakes with brightly colored ribbons into the ground would likely appear in the minds of many in the industry. Today, the phrase is commonly used to describe dramatically evolved and expanded processes, tools and technology that have revolutionized the way construction projects are executed to deliver increased accuracy, efficiency, and safety.  In today’s digital era, the data and grade control available through advanced capabilities like 3D modeling and GPS integration empower the team to drive even greater value for our clients.


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Tracy Shmeck

Featured Department: IT – Staying Secure & Improving Performance Through Technology

Thank You to Brubacher’s IT Director for ensuring team members and clients are set up for success with defensive and offensive IT strategies

With nearly 25 years of service at Brubacher, Tracy has gained a deep understanding of how all departments and team members work together to achieve client goals and keep our core values – safety, integrity, initiative, and teamwork – at the forefront both internally and externally. Her support for every team member through all of their technological needs and her commitment to identifying processes and procedures that improve data security are key to being uncommonly refreshing in our approach to people, projects, and solutions.

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employee celebration

Recognition & Service Awards

10 Team members received service awards this past season, ranging from 5 to 35 years of excelling in their careers at Brubacher! Join us in congratulating each of them on their hard work and many great achievements, as we also express our gratitude for the difference they make every day and for their long-term dedication to our company, team, and clients.

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employee celebration

Featured Photos

See our team in action as they work together on a range of projects, share decades of knowledge and experience with one another, celebrate their co-workers and more. These featured photos show behind-the-scenes moments of how the Brubacher team is living out our mission of Shaping The World We Live In!

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