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Featured Department: Staying Secure & Improving Performance Through Technology

Tracy Shmeck

Thank You to Brubacher’s IT Director for ensuring team members and clients are set up for success with defensive and offensive IT strategies

With a sharp focus on implementing defensive strategies (those that help keep all client and employee information secure) and offensive strategies (those that help improve job performance), IT Director Tracy S. works closely alongside every department at Brubacher. From helping with electronic applicant tracking and onboarding for Brubacher’s Human Resources and Recruitment Team to gathering equipment data and telematics as part of the Fleet Department’s preventative maintenance process, Tracy really does it all. She has a vital role in streamlining processes through technology and keeps all company data flowing efficiently and securely for office personnel, field team members, and clients. Her dedication helps ensure everyone stays connected, understands technology best-practices, and is equipped with updated technology programs, devices, and more.

“Defensive and offensive strategies are essential to keep information safe and to perform our services accurately and efficiently. It’s part of our commitment to being mindful of how we steward our clients’ time, money, and resources,” shared Tracy.

With nearly 25 years of service at Brubacher, Tracy has gained a deep understanding of how all departments and team members work together to achieve client goals and keep our core values – safety, integrity, initiative, and teamwork – at the forefront both internally and externally. Her support for every team member through all of their technological needs and her commitment to identifying processes and procedures that improve data security are key to being uncommonly refreshing in our approach to people, projects, and solutions.

Tracy also has a depth of knowledge and experience on ways to utilize technology to improve job performance in the office and the field. From helping our crews complete many tasks electronically, such as scanning project documents and construction plans at the start of a project to provide quick digital access at all times and equipping the Survey Department with drone software to collect critical project data, IT strategies continue to increase efficiency and accuracy for Brubacher’s team and clients.

“I always welcome input from others regarding the type of technology and software that would be the most beneficial. Technology has had an influential impact in the construction industry and in business operations as a whole,” Tracy shared. “I am always looking for ways to improve Brubacher’s client experience, our service areas, and our culture.”

Thank you, Tracy, for your continued dedication to the Brubacher team and our clients! 

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