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Featured Department: Fleet- Driving Efficiency and Empowering Safe Operations Every Day

Thank you to Brubacher's Fleet Department for their dedication to teamwork, preventative maintenance, and keeping the fleet at optimal performance!

At Brubacher, the Fleet Department plays a significant role in our operational success, “keeping the wheels on” and so much more by providing constant technology and mechanical support to ensure every project runs smoothly with minimal downtime. Led by Equipment Manager Andy H. (Right) and Service Manager Casey B. (Left), this team exemplifies dedication, responsiveness, and safety-mindedness. Alongside them, a diverse group of skilled specialists – including dispatchers, mechanics, truck drivers, a Small Tools team, a parts manager, and a technology specialist – work diligently to support our operations in the field.

Though much of the Fleet Department team’s work occurs behind the scenes, everything they do contributes to the high-quality results and experiences every Brubacher client receives throughout the project planning and execution. Their efforts are a vital part of what makes the Brubacher difference in how we serve clients with an uncommonly refreshing approach that provides value through efficient operations. The Fleet Department team’s ability to prevent and swiftly manage equipment issues that emerge during busy workdays is crucial. This flexibility ensures that Brubacher crews on jobsites across Eastern Pennsylvania and beyond can keep every project on track.

“A typical day in the Fleet Department can be a whirlwind of activity, from responding to any requests for repairs that may come up to managing technicians’ workloads and making quick decisions in the face of shifting priorities. Especially during busy times, we need to be adaptable and quick in solving problems to keep crews in motion with equipment in optimal working condition,” Casey noted.

Balancing immediate needs with long-term efficiency and performance is always central to the Fleet Department’s work and approach. Their responsiveness harmonizes with the team’s work in the background, which is strategic and carefully planned. Behind every equipment deployment and purchase is a thoughtful decision-making process.

“I like to say that there is a method to our madness in the Fleet Department. Field crews often interact with us when they have a mechanical issue or equipment question, and we are honored to support them with responsive service. Of course, we’re also engaged in making a lot of strategic decisions for the ultimate benefit of the fleet that many of our teammates beyond our department do not always see,” Andy shared.

Regarding that strategy on equipment replacement and investment, adopting new equipment technology for improved safety and efficiency is a key consideration. Upgrading the fleet has involved integrating GPS and telematics into vehicles, which offers valuable data, such as idling hours. “This information is instrumental in cutting down idling time and enhancing uptime and efficiency, benefiting both the team and our clients,” Andy noted.


 New Equipment Additions to the Fleet

The Fleet Department recently introduced several new pieces of equipment designed to enhance our capabilities and further increase safety and efficiency for our team. The new Vac Truck, Horizontal Grinder, and Paver are excellent additions to the Brubacher fleet as we continue driving high-quality results for every client.

Vac Truck
Our new GapVax/Western Star 4700 Vac Truck, which you may have seen in the 2024 Make-A-Wish Mother’s Day Convoy, has enhanced features tailored for vacuum excavation, utility locating, and road safety. This addition to the fleet underscores our commitment to maintaining top-notch new equipment that supports safe, efficient field operations.

Horizontal Grinder – Forestry Processor
Spotlighted in our last Latest Scoop issue, we’ve also integrated the 2024 Peterson Model 5710 E Grinder into our fleet, a significant upgrade that supports our work in efficient land clearing and site preparation services. This grinder is an acquisition that allows for expanded capabilities, including offering custom grinding in addition to meeting the ever-growing demands of our wide range of sitework projects. In a recent Brubacher & Beyond podcast interview, hear Charlie Bagnall of Astec Industries (makers of Peterson forestry equipment) discuss how machines like this are designed and improved over time.

Our investment in a new Cat AP655 Paver is another excellent addition that increases efficiency and uptime for our team, specifically our Paving crews. This new paver ensures our asphalt paving projects maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability, further securing our reputation as a leading paving contractor.

Aligning with Brubacher’s commitment to sustainability and thoughtful resource management, the technological advancements provided in the new equipment help optimize fleet management operations. President Keith Brubacher’s operator background is vital to the company’s overall strategic approach in planning for and obtaining new equipment. “Keith uniquely understands the critical role a solid fleet plays in our success,” Andy said. “This strong support for industry advancements keeps Brubacher competitive, balancing the need for cutting-edge technology with the practicalities of fleet management.

The Fleet Department’s role at Brubacher is indispensable, driving safe, efficient performance through strategic equipment management and technological integration. Their teamwork and dedication are vital to our success as a trusted earthwork, underground utilities, and excavating company providing diverse services from site preparation and land clearing to commercial and industrial paving. As we innovate and grow for the future, we are grateful for every member of the Fleet Department, as they work hard and are steadfast in their commitment to Shaping the World We Live In.

A heartfelt thank you to the Brubacher Fleet team for your uncommonly refreshing dedication to getting the job done right and powering our operations with expertise and excellence!

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