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Featured Service: Land Clearing & Demolition

  • Watch Our New 2024 Peterson Model 5710 E Grinder in Action!

Brubacher’s Integrated Land Clearing Crew Increases Efficiency and Brings 90+ Years of Experience to Complex Projects

“Brubacher established an in-house land clearing crew 30 years ago because this vital step at the beginning of any site development project sets the tone and pace of the job. We are committed to ensuring that the tone is positive and that the pace and sequence add value for everyone involved.” – Keith Brubacher, President

Known for safety, speed, and being a good steward of all resources, Brubacher’s land clearing and demolition team approaches every project with a commitment to positively influencing schedule, communications, and construction. Our goal is always to be the best possible partner, whether delivering high-quality services on Brubacher’s contracted site development projects or for a standalone land clearing project for a developer, property owner, pipeline contractor, solar farm, environmental work, and more. From one to 100+ acres, our land clearing and demolition services instill confidence and peace of mind in our clients for a job that will be done right the first time and on time.

“I highly recommend Brubacher to anyone needing land clearing or demolition work. I have used their services several times to clear new mining areas and demo obsolete buildings at my plant. Their land clearing group works with a military type of precision and efficiency. I am always impressed watching their crew doing their clearing. They have always finished on time and left the site in a condition that allowed us to commence mining immediately.” – Creighton “Butch” H. McAvoy, President of McAvoy Brick

The Brubacher team’s land clearing experience, which adds up to more than 90 years among the crew, is unparalleled and provides valuable Insight. On Site. from the very start of site development projects. This experience gained over the decades informs our approach as a site contractor with a full range of integrated services, and it also equips us to serve as a valuable extension of other teams (especially those of other contractors when they need to outsource land clearing services. Land Clearing and Demolition Department Manager Barney C. shares, “As an excavating company, we know what other excavating companies need and appreciate. We’re well-versed in stripping the topsoil and have an invested interest in how we clear land and how we leave it for the next phase and crew.”  This perspective allows our in-house land clearing and demolition team to give more complete estimates and to eliminate many complex project challenges that often wouldn’t be noticed until later phases of sitework.

“Barney and his team continue to impress me with their professionalism, cleanliness, and the speed to which they complete their work. Pricing reflects the excellent job that they do, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.” — Frank Barwis, Owner/President of Barwis Construction, LLC

Our team’s commitment to speed and efficiency is aided by an investment in some of the best equipment on the market today. We employ advanced technology, like drones and handheld GPS devices, to inform our approach to vast or complex forest clearing or building site prep projects. As a team, we’re continually considering opportunities for equipment upgrades to ensure a top-performing fleet. Most recently, we added a new Astec/Petersen 5710E horizontal grinder that will increase efficiency even further.

Equipment Spotlight: 2024 Peterson Model 5710 E Grinder

Brubacher has acquired a new 2024 Peterson Model 5710 E horizontal grinder that will drive gains in land clearing performance and productivity. This new addition to the fleet is a highly valuable resource that will lead to even greater efficiencies and success for our crews, whether they’re working on a Brubacher site construction project or have been outsourced by another industry partner to support their land clearing needs. Partners also count on our team for full-service custom wood processing solutions, and we invite you to get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Project Spotlight: Rockvale Outlets Redevelopment, Lancaster, PA

While many land clearing and demolition projects for our clients tend to involve more land or lot clearing compared to demolition, our current project at Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster, PA, has presented a great balance. Director of Field Operations Brad C. shared insight on how delivering excellent service and an uncommonly refreshing experience has led to a continued partnership and being awarded this project. “The Rockvale project originated from an existing relationship with a valued client, which reaffirms our belief in the Brubacher difference and serving our clients exceptionally well. With the amount of demolition to take place, this project will allow the team to demonstrate how efficiently they can help prepare a job site for the future establishment of much-needed housing in the area,” said Brad.

Set to begin soon, the project will entail a total demolition of single-story former retail buildings. Because this is a redevelopment project, concrete slab and footer demolition will also be required, and a partnering subcontractor will assist with crushing and recycling materials.

Are you a developer, business leader, or solar industry professional in need of safe and efficient land clearing services? From forest clearing and land clearing for utility-scale solar installations to building demolition and building site prep, Brubacher has the experience and fleet at the ready. Let’s connect and discuss how our team can bring Insight. On Site. to your next project.

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