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Featured Service: Delivering True Value as an Approved COSTARS Supplier

Serving Municipalities, Schools, and Other Pennsylvania Public Entities to Drive Efficiency and Savings

As an approved supplier under the COSTARS program, Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing initiative, we are honored to have gained this designation that equips our team to provide Insight. On Site. for more municipal partners as we collaborate on civil engineering construction projects. For our Commonwealth’s public entities looking to undertake complex underground utility projects, fulfill extensive milling and asphalt paving needs, or even rehabilitate aging or damaged stormwater management systems, Brubacher demonstrates our commitment to serving in exceptional ways that help our communities best steward their resources.

Through the COSTARS program, Pennsylvania municipalities, schools, and other eligible public entities can procure certain goods and services from pre-approved vendors at pre-negotiated prices. This system simplifies procurement processes and often provides cost savings compared to the traditional public bidding process.

“The COSTARS program creates purchasing processes that are more collaborative, which can save time and money while offering more transparency,” Director of Estimating and Project Management Allan D. shared. The program is also flexible and places greater decision-making power in the hands of public entities to ultimately benefit the needs of their unique communities. Allan noted, “Municipalities, schools, and entities can leverage the COSTARS program differently, adapting the guidelines to fit their needs. Brubacher is here as a capable, PennDOT pre-qualified supplier to respond with approved services based on those needs.”

Our solutions-oriented Special Projects team is on the frontline of responding to COSTARS collaborations, efficiently connecting our crews and prospective municipal and other eligible partners seeking assistance on public sector projects through the program. Because “Special Projects” can comprise significant complexities while being limited in budget and/or scale, this capable team is uniquely equipped to take the lead on COSTARS projects.

One emerging project area Brubacher is pursuing through the COSTARS program is stormwater management services for municipalities, which can include stormwater basin maintenance, nutrient removal, pollutant removal, and more. With increasing challenges around MS4s (municipal separate storm sewer systems), Brubacher offers vital insights and solutions for public operators. As a full-service site excavation and grading contractor dedicated to Shaping The World We Live In, our capabilities include all aspects of creating and improving stormwater management systems. We are always ready to respond to emergency needs, such as rehabilitating storm-damaged systems and assets like washed-out basins, culverts, and more.

COSTARS gives municipalities and other Pennsylvania public entities the opportunity to pick the right partner. The program makes collaboration between entities and suppliers easier than putting out bids for public sector projects that meet COSTARS criteria, and it is better and more efficient for any unplanned needs that can arise,” shared Chris S., Business Development Director

Joining the COSTARS program as a supplier underscores Brubacher’s commitment to serving public sector clients with integrity and excellence. We look forward to continuing our tradition of delivering outstanding results for communities across Pennsylvania. If you’re a representative of a municipality, school, or other eligible PA public entity with a civil construction project on the horizon, you can count on Brubacher as your trusted partner. Click here to learn more and discover how Brubacher’s experience and commitment to providing an uncommonly refreshing approach to service can benefit your community.

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