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The Brubacher & Beyond Podcast

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The Brubacher and Beyond podcast shares over 50 years of business experience and Insight. On Site.® knowledge related to the civil construction industry. Join us as we dig deeper into Shaping The World We Live In by sharing about everything from people to pipe and paving with a focus on living safety as a value. This podcast features industry-leading discussions and interviews with Brubacher team members and industry experts.

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Recent episodes include:

Career Pathways – Turns to Opportunity

We interview team members and gain insight on how they found their way into the construction industry with completely different backgrounds and experience. We also explore the similarities and differences they found when changing industries, and the advantages and disadvantages of both. Listen Now! Part 1    Part 2

Individuals, Passions, and Construction

We share how businesses become successful through an interview with special guest Mike Vorster (a consultant, former Brubacher board member, and educator in the civil construction industry) and by sharing insight from President Keith Brubacher. We also talk about the evolution of the labor force, our love for construction, and the concept of learning. Listen Now! Part 1    Part 2

Stand Up vs. Stand Down

Team members discuss how all workers can be their best and what we can do to help influence them to do what is necessary. Get insight into the difference between safety stand-ups and safety stand-downs as we bring more awareness to safety and the crucial, long-term effects it can have on the construction industry.  Listen now!

Safety is a Value

We firmly believe that safety is a value and not a priority. A priority can change, but values remain constant. We share our personal experiences with safety and discuss why it should be a critical component in any workplace.  Listen now!

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