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Recognition & Service Awards – Latest Scoop 2024 Issue 2

Service Awards

April 2024

John S., (right) Loader Operator – 25 years

I’ve been a part of Brubacher life for 25 plus years. I started out as a laborer and Brubacher gave me the opportunity and know-how to move up to operate different pieces of equipment. Now I get to shape the world we live in on a daily basis.

John S.

Congratulation to John on 25 years of service at BEI. John has helped in many roles and in different departments of the company in his 25 years. He has operated track loader, excavator, and dozer in his time. He always seems to have a smile and upbeat attitude no matter what he is doing. John, thank you for you dedication and flexibility over the years.

Brad C., Director of Field Operations

Delani D. (left), Site Assistant- 5 years

Delani is an amazing team member, always willing to do or run anything. Since coming to Brubacher 5 years ago I’ve seen incredible growth in Delani’s operating and leadership.

Caleb G., Site Superintendent

Wilmer N. (left), Shop Heavy Equipment Technician- 45 years

In most recent years Willie has been a shop heavy equipment technician. He started out as an equipment operator and at one time was shop foreman. Whether it’s mentoring an intern for the summer, servicing a machine or rebuilding a D9 dozer he continues to bring patience, flexibility and a good attitude to work everyday.

Tony B., Service Writer

Wilmer, more commonly known as ‘Willie’, is one of only two current Brubacher team members (Lennie M. is the other one) who has worked for all three generations of Brubachers. He started out working for my grandfather, Jesse, who operated J. B. Excavating from the 1960’s into the 1980’s. Ben bought J.B. Excavating in the mid 1980’s and merged it into this business, Brubacher Excavating, Inc. and Willie came along! Over those years, he was an equipment operator, shop foreman, and for most of them served as a highly skilled mechanic.

We appreciate Willie’s loyalty, mechanical skills, and life-long learning. He is an amazing trouble-shooter who helps us get to the root causes of puzzling equipment issues. Willie rarely complained and never held a grudge, even though there were challenging times and tough decisions throughout five decades. A BIG thank you to Willie for his role in helping us serve our clients and coworkers with excellence!

Keith B., President

Tracy S. (right), Director of Information Technology- 25 years

We are thankful to have Tracy as part of our Brubacher Team! Tracy has been instrumental in designing, supporting, and safeguarding our Informational Technology processes and data for the past 25 years. She is quick to respond to the needs of team members in the field and in the office. She is an excellent problem solver and serves as an unofficial corporate librarian due to her longevity at the company. Tracy is a team player and happily serves in multiple roles in pursuit of being Uncommonly Refreshing. Thanks for 25 years, Tracy!

Kris H., Chief Financial Officer

Timothy K. (right), Loader Operator- 10 years

Tim is a very reliable employee with many years of experience at Brubacher. He can always be counted on to stay busy and keep our work area and the site cleaned up the way a Brubacher site should be.

Steve G., Pipe Supervisor

Damion A. (left), Paving Laborer- 5 years

Damion is a Paving Laborer on Troy’s Main Line 2 crew. He helps keep the crew moving at a good pace and consistently shows up to do his job. Thanks for 5 years, Damion!

Donnie H., Paving Superintendent

Tyler M. (right), Pan Operator- 5 years

We are fortunate to have Tyler on our team. He has been an asset at the Hills at Thorndale Woods project, as well as many others. Tyler always has a can-do attitude and always does what is asked of him. Thank you for your five years of service, Tyler!

Mike J., Site Supervisor

Craig E. (center), Truck Driver- 35 years

Thirty-five years ago Craig started at Brubacher as a truck driver, driving a single-axle Mack with a special air-operated tailgate to spread screenings over #4 stone roadway base. ‘Chipper’, as he was known then, was often followed by a scrawny teenage kid (me) who would beat on that tailgate with a hammer to unclog screenings. I always liked when he got out to help broom and shovel when he got ahead of the laborer crew.

We’re grateful that Craig wasn’t scared off by the dust, hammering, and sweeping, because he’s a highly experienced driver with whom we’re very grateful to have shared all these years. And I think Craig is grateful for air-ride trucks, AC, and other conveniences! If you’re a coffee drinker when you’re at the office, you owe Craig a thank you. For many, if not most of those 35 years, he’s one of the first ones in and making sure coffee is brewing well before 5 am.

Thanks for your faithful service to Brubacher, our clients and coworkers!

Keith B., President

Craig is a great driver, going above and beyond his daily tasks to include working nights, weekends, and every other shift we might throw at him, the coffee is a 100% highlight that everyone very much appreciates. I greatly appreciate Craig’s 35 years of service, growth, and commitment to being the best that he can.

Greg B., Dispatch Manager

Shaun C. (left), Screed Operator- 5 years

Shawn is a screed operator on Tim’s Main Line 1 crew. He does an excellent job and we’re fortunate to have his attention to detail and quality in our department. He helps put the finishing touches on our paving projects. He is flexible to help fill other roles when needed. Thanks for 5 years, Shawn!

Donnie H., Paving Superintendent


May 2024

Steve D. (left), Excavator Operator-30 years

Congratulations to Steve Dunn on 30 years of service at Brubacher! I would like to thank Steve for his flexibility, can do attitude, and quality of work over the years in many different areas of the company.

Brad C., Director of Field Operations

Mike D. (left), Field Safety Rep- 10 years

I have been Working at Brubacher for 10 years now and it has been very good learning and warm experience at the same time. Starting at the Northern region office every day was different and challenging but also a rewarding time in my life. Coming to the main office has had the same experiences for me these last 2 years.  I have made many new friends at both locations and they are and were a great part of my success.  It is great to be a part of a team of caring people. 

Mike D.

We are thankful to have Mike on our safety team. He’s been instrumental in supporting our efforts in our Journey to Zero Injuries and has modeled flexibility and perseverance several times over the years, performing tasks well outside the normal responsibilities of a Field Safety Rep. We’re thankful to have retained Mike through the Energy Services transition in 2022 and look forward to his ongoing contributions to the Brubacher organization. Thanks for 10 years, Mike!

Dave M., Safety Director

Michael B. (right), Utilities Backhoe Operator- 5 years

Mike, aka Turbo, has been a stand up Brubacher employee since the day we hired him. He is never afraid to get his hands dirty and is always up for a challenging task. Thanks, Mike, for all the hard work you do!

Mark K., Utilities Pipe Supervisor

Kris H. (right), Chief Financial Officer- 20 years

I work at Brubacher because it embodies the rare blend of a large company with the values and atmosphere of a small family business.  The people here are not just colleagues but a supportive community that fosters an environment of friendship and collaboration.  At Brubacher, I have found a place where I can meet both my professional and personal goals, with ample opportunities for personal development and educational growth.  Brubacher’s commitment to maintaining it’s familial values while offering the resources of a larger organization has made it an ideal place for me to grow and succeed.

Kris H.

Congratulations to Kris Hay in celebrating 20 years at Brubacher! Kris started at Brubacher as a dozer operator with an Agricultural Systems Management degree from Penn State, later earning a master’s degree in Project Management. His work ethic learned on the farm in Somerset County, coupled with his ability to learn quickly and think ahead, earned increasing responsibilities as a supervisor, project manager/estimator, fleet manager and CFO. We value Kris’ unique blend of field experience, equipment knowledge, and financial accountability that he brings to Brubacher. I have the privilege of working closely with Kris in management roles since 2012 and seeing the growth in his career and our business functions because of his dedication to consistent excellence. Thanks for sticking with us through the difficult times and helping manage the business successfully!”

Keith B., President

Allen C. (right), Utilities Trackhoe Operator- 25 years

We are happy to have Allen in the utilities department. His job knowledge and experience on the excavator make him a key factor in completing difficult projects on time for our customers. Thanks for all you do, Allen!

Steve L., Utilities Superintendent

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