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Recognition & Service Awards – Latest Scoop 2024 Issue 1

Service Awards

January 2024

Evan D., (left) Site Assistant- 5 years

Evan is an awesome employee who has grown tremendously over the past five years. He is dedicated and shows a great work ethic. Evan’s efforts don’t go unnoticed and it’s great having someone you can count on to keep up with all the details that pop up day to day. Thanks for the last five years! Keep up the good work!

Landon M., Site Supervisor


Linda M. (right), Cleaning Staff- 5 years

Working at Brubacher has been rewarding in many ways.  I appreciate working where high core value standards of honesty and integrity are upheld. The many friendships I have made are a blessing. In the beginning years of my employment at Brubacher, my mom was still here with us and lived very close to Brubacher. I felt like it was God‘s way of having me work close to her and giving me extra time with her as when I passed by on my way home from work, I would often stop and visit with her. All that said at times my job at Brubacher has sometimes  been a challenge, but I am grateful to be employed at a great company!

Linda M., Cleaning Staff

We are thankful to have Linda on our cleaning team.  She’s been instrumental in supporting our efforts in keeping our facility neat and clean. She has shown flexibility over the years, filling in at the last minute when need. Linda does a great job of leading the cleaning team as they keep or facility clean.  We’re thankful to have Linda here and look forward to her ongoing contributions to the Brubacher organization.  Thanks for 5 years, Linda!

Ted S., Parts & Small Tools Supervisor


February 2024

Shane B. (right), Paver Operator-5 years

Shane helps control the production and speed of the entire crew as the Paver/Lead Operator on Troy C.’s Main Line 2 crew.  His experience and performance is an extremely appreciated part of the Paving Department.

Donnie H., Paving Superintendent



March 2024

Jordan K. (center), Manager of People & Development- 5 Years

Jordan is an instrumental team member to Human Resources by his support when it comes to a collaborative relationship between Operations and HR.  For the last five years (since he returned to Brubacher), Jordan has exemplified our core value of ‘Teamwork’ by sharing his talent in creating successful teams and developing others to experience success at Brubacher!  I’ve enjoyed my time working with Jordan over the last five years, and look forward to the work we can collaborate together on in the future!  Congratulations and thank you for your 5 years of service, Jordan!

Carolyn W., Director of Human Resources


Kurtis D. (right), Paving Roller Operator- 5 Years

Kurtis helps put the finishing touches on the product placed by Tim’s Main Line 1 crew as the Finish Roller Operator.  We value his presence during the paving season, as well as helping other crews during the winter months.

Donnie H., Paving Superintendent

Scott C. (right), Shop Light Truck Technician- 20 Years

Scott started out at Brubacher part time in the parts department. He then transitioned to light truck technician. Since then he has been doing a great job year after year keeping the fleet of light trucks safe, serviced and repaired for the Brubacher team.  Thanks for 20 years, Scott!

Tony B., Service Writer

George W. (right), Paving Supervisor- 10 Years

George is a Paving Supervisor on our Paving Utilities crew.  We value his leadership and experience helping mentor his crew members. He represents Brubacher in a positive manner with his interaction with the residents in the communities he works at on a daily basis.

Donnie H., Paving Superintendent


Jordan F. (right), Grader Operator- 10 Years

We are incredibly fortunate to have Jordan on our team. His contributions to the Hills at Thorndale Woods project, as well as many others, have been invaluable. Jordan consistently goes above and beyond in his care for company equipment. While his dedication to upholding Brubacher’s core values truly makes him stand out. Thank you for your ten years of service, Jordan!

Mike J., Site Superintendent


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