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Recognition & Service Awards: Latest Scoop 2023 Issue 2

Service Awards

March 2023

Ron S. (left) – Project Manager – 30 Years

“Congratulations to Ron for his dedication to growth and accepting challenges and opportunities over a total of 34 years invested at Brubacher. From his beginnings as a highly skilled Operator to Supervisor and Project Manager, we appreciate Ron’s practical approach and innovative ideas. Thanks for helping us serve our clients and co-workers with excellence! Whether he wants to admit it or not, Ron genuinely cares about the success of his teammates and their projects, even if he might have a unique way of showing it. He’s a great guy to have around and challenges the status quo, even when we may not want to hear it. Maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll stick around for another 30 years…” – Keith B., President & Allan D., Director of Estimating & Project Management

Mike S. (right) – Paving Roller Operator – 20 Years

“Mike is the Breakdown Roller/Lead Operator on Bryan’s Main Line Paving Crew. He is a very high-character individual and an excellent mentor/teacher for new hires. I’ve always deemed him the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) when it comes to Asphalt Roller Operators.” – Donnie H., Paving Superintendent

April 2023

Carl C. – Loader Operator – 10 Years

“Ten years goes by fast when you enjoy what you do and enjoy who you do it with. Stay safe and stay golden.” – Carl

“Carl is always on time. He started out as a Pipe Layer and worked his way to Backhoe Operator, and then Loader Operator. He is a big Philadelphia sports fan and likes to golf in his free time.” – Kevin B., Pipe Supervisor

Jonas N. (center) – Dozer Operator -35 Years

“I knew Jonas before he worked at Brubacher. A little over 35 years ago he stopped at my house on his bicycle and picked up an application to work at Brubacher. Jonas has run Terex pans, cat pans, miscellaneous other equipment, and as we all know him today,  a dozer. I have enjoyed having Jonas on my jobs through the years – always a big smile and a laugh. Happy 35-year anniversary Jonas, hope we can spend many more together. Your friend and coworker Lennie.” – Lennie M., Site Superintendent

Donnie H. (center) – Paving Superintendent – 25 Years

“Donnie’s role as Paving Superintendent is key to our Paving Crew’s success. Through his leadership, mentoring and experience over the past 25 years (Laborer, Paver Operator, Supervisor, and current Superintendent) he uses his knowledge to guide our employees to their success. I have enjoyed working with Donnie and can count on him on a daily basis. Congratulations on 25 years.” – Andrew S., Project Manager/Estimator

Joe N. (left) – Night Shift Lead Technician – 5 Years

“Joe does a great job keeping our Brubacher fleet of lowboys, dump trucks, fuel truck, water trucks, vac trucks & mini dumps running safely, productively and within DOT compliance daily to ensure our drivers have confidence in the maintenance of our trucks. I appreciate the time, effort and pride Joe puts in every night to keep the Brubacher trucking fleet moving!” – Greg B., Dispatch Manager

May 2023

Ken W. (center) – Truck Driver – 35 Years

“Working at Brubacher for 3.5 decades has been exciting and challenging at the same time. Every day is different and usually rewarding as I help shape this world we live in. I have made many lifelong friends as I get to transport and operate equipment every day. It is great to be part of a team of caring people who laugh at my jokes, often the same ones.” – Ken

“Kenny’s can-do attitude as a Lowboy Driver helps me tremendously day-to-day to ensure we are getting the proper equipment to our jobsite in a timely manner to keep our crews running productively. Kenny’s 35 years of experience and knowledge driving truck that he has shared over time has helped his fellow employees (myself included) learn what it takes to keep the ‘Wheels Moving Daily.’ I greatly appreciate all Kenny does daily at Brubacher. Congratulations on 35 Years of Service!” – Greg B., Dispatch Manager

Gus (Augustus) P. – Excavator Operator – 5 Years

“Gus has grown tremendously in his 5 years working at Brubacher. He started fresh out of heavy equipment school, less than a year out of high school. He is as reliable and dependable as they come. He really enjoys and loves his job. He does a lot of things well, he has a lot of fun with life, and has shown maturity with his responsibilities. He makes work fun and is an asset to our crew.” – Steve A., Pipe Supervisor

Wade G. (left) – Dozer Operator – 35 Years

“I remember meeting Wade for the first time in 2002 when I started at Brubacher. He was operating a D8 pushing pans on a large golf course project in Easton, Pennsylvania. Wade always had a smile on his face but wasn’t afraid to let you know if he felt something needed changed or if he had a concern. He has demonstrated his flexibility and willingness to do whatever is necessary in his 35 years, from operating D8 pushing pans or ripping rock in a shale pit operation that feeds a brick plant to operating a D4 doing fine grade work if needed. Wade also helped us get the Energy Service Division up and running, being willing to travel upstate and operate D8 building O&G well pads. I am honored to work alongside many tenured employees like Wade here at Brubacher.” – Brad C., Director of Field Operations

Troy F. (right) – Utilities Excavator Operator – 5 Years

“Troy is a vital employee on Mark’s crew and currently holds the record for the most DIP installed on a Utilities Crew. Congratulations Troy on your Five-year anniversary. We are pleased to have you on our team. ” Steve L., Utilities Superintendent

Eric R. (left) – Pipe Layer – 5 Years

“Eric has been on my crew most of his first 5 years here with Brubacher Excavating and since the first week, I knew he had what it took to be a productive employee with the company. He has been a big help with several challenging projects my crew has undertaken and has always had a good relationship with co-workers, especially with his humorous anecdotes. I would be pleased to have him with my crew for the next 5 years and many more after that.” – Steve G., Pipe Supervisor

June 2023

Adam H. (right) – Senior Estimator – 15 Years

“I have enjoyed the people that I’ve worked around and with over the last 15 years. They have helped to build the foundation for continued growth, personally and professionally for me. The family aspect that Brubacher offers plays a huge role in my decision to be a Brubacher team member.” – Adam

“Congrats to Adam for celebrating 15 years with Brubacher! Adam’s efforts as a Senior Estimator and genuine care for our employees have paid dividends, earning consistent sales year after year and building strong relationships with our clients. Adam is a tremendous asset to the Estimating Team and we appreciate his contributions to the overall organization.” – Allan D., Director of Estimating and Project Management

Steve A. (right) – Pipe Supervisor – 20 Years

“Congratulations Steve Addis on celebrating 20 years at Brubacher excavating. I remember the day he greased the drum on an 84-inch dirt roller! He has worked as a Laborer, Pipe Layer and for the last many years as a Pipe Supervisor. He has continued to show eagerness to grow and learn, not only in his technical abilities but also his leadership abilities. Steve always does his best to remain positive even in challenging situations.” – Brad C., Director of Field Operations

Johnny W. (right) – Pipe Layer – 20 Years

“It’s been a learning curve.” – Johnny

“Johnny is reliable, honest, dedicated and is a great teacher for the new hires. Johnny has worked on multiple crews over the past twenty years and is very knowledgeable with gas, water, and sewer work. We are proud to have Johnny in the Utilities Department. Congratulations!!!” – Steve L., Utilities Superintendent

Jimi S. (right) – Off-Road Truck Driver – 15 Years

“When I first moved here from Detroit 20 years ago, I had been in this line of work for a while. But everything was different, eh?! Brubacher’s ‘Core Values’ really struck me, how unusual in construction! Operations were different. Heck, even the dirt was different! People (with more patience than me), mentored and taught me new methods. Safety was important, even paramount! I found faith in those who had faith in me. They genuinely cared, from the top down. Years later, I find myself in a position to mentor others, how cool is that?! I was led here, despite my destination. There comes a time where you find you have so much to give back and so little time to do so! Thank you, Brubacher and ya’ll!” – Jimi

“I have worked with Jim on many different Brubacher jobs. He ran pan, on-site trucks, and miscellaneous other equipment. Jim always has little stories to tell at our morning huddle of things that happened here at Brubacher in his past 15 years and it puts a smile on everyone’s face to start the day. It’s been a pleasure working with Jim the past 15 years and I hope there will be many more. Congratulations on your 15 years Jim.” – Lennie M., Site Superintendent

John S. (right) – Trackhoe Operator – 5 Years

“John is an Excavator Operator for the Utilities Department. He is an excellent operator and a pleasure to work with. He shows great initiative and his years of knowledge shine on complex projects.” – Steve L., Utilities Superintendent

Timothy M. (center) – Utilities Pipe Supervisor – 35 Years

“Tim’s 35 years of experience shines when it comes to complex projects. His ability to adapt and overcome unforeseen obstacles is like no other. He is diversified and can tackle any project given to him and his crew. He is a great teacher and leader, working with new hires and sharing his knowledge. It has been a pleasure working with him during my 13 years at Brubacher.” – Steve L., Utilities Superintendent

“Since Tim began his career at Brubacher as a Laborer, then as a Pipe Layer, Equipment Painter, Operator, and Supervisor, he shares a high level of initiative and drive to improve every day. Having worked together in the field and shop, we share many good memories and a few interesting stories! However, the ones I’m most excited about are those yet to come as we work together Shaping the World We Live In through our impact on the lives of those we lead and with whom we interact. Thanks for 35 great years!” – Keith B., President

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