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Recognition & Service Awards

Welcoming Three Team Members

Sarah M., Executive Administrative Assistant

photo of Sarah

We are excited to introduce Sarah M. as our new Executive Administrative Assistant. Sarah fulfills a key role, serving many needs that greatly support Keith and others in the office. From coordinating schedules and maintaining positive communications with team members and clients to providing hospitality support for meetings and more, we are grateful for all that she does.

Prior to joining the Brubacher team, Sarah worked for a nonprofit organization in Texas for 12 years as a Director of Training for guide dogs. She moved to Pennsylvania in 2018 and excelled in a new role as a Project Coordinator, where she had the opportunity to support that organization’s efforts in giving back to the community. She now fosters dogs at home and enjoys playing the piano for the worship team at her church.

“I was excited to join a team that so highly values integrity and giving back to the community,” Sarah shared. “I can hold my head high knowing that I have a part in that here at Brubacher and am working with a team that is truly passionate about what they do. I always want to work whole-heartedly for the Lord. I’m in the right place here.”


Jenny R., Receptionist/Fleet Administrative Assistant

photo of Jenny

Jenny R. has joined Brubacher as Receptionist and Fleet Administrative Assistant, taking on an important role for our team. She welcomes visitors at our office with a smile, communicates with clients, partners, and contacts who call to connect with our team, and supports the Fleet Department with administrative tasks. She always has a positive attitude and is dedicated to making others feel welcomed and valued.

“If I can be a blessing to one person every day, even if it’s in a simple way like making someone laugh or helping with something they may need, I am happy,” said Jenny. “I just want to be a blessing to others any time I can be. That inspires me in all I do.”

Her previous experience includes more than ten years working in retail management after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in business at University of Phoenix. Last year, Jenny attended our 50th Anniversary Employee Appreciation Banquet as a guest, where she learned more about our team, core values, and mission of Shaping The World We Live In. It was at this event where she felt she’d be a great fit in our company and wanted to transition to a career in our industry. We admire the positive attitude she brings every day and her approach to connecting with others and building relationships.

“I believe that how we make others feel while doing our job is so important,” Jenny shared. “I will always try to understand the big picture in all I do, ask questions when needed, and make others feel like their presence is always welcome and important.”


Torey S., Recruiter

photo of Torey

Bringing in new team members that have an excellent work ethic and align with Brubacher’s core values – safety, integrity, initiative, and teamwork – is key to supporting company growth and our team atmosphere. We are proud to announce that Torey S. has transitioned from Construction Administrative Assistant to Recruiter, bringing her outgoing personality and knowledge of our industry, company, and our team members to the forefront of all recruitment efforts. She fulfills this role to connect with potential candidates through outreach opportunities, social media, job fairs, and more.

“I’m excited to bring in new talent that will help support our growth and give others the chance to be a part of the Brubacher family,” Torey shared. “I’m a firm believer that you need to work with people who support you and push you in a positive way, and you need to work alongside others you can trust.”

Torey also has a unique story about her first impression of Brubacher, which inspires her to this day in all of her endeavors for our team. “My dad has been here for 17 years, and I grew up watching him work for a company where he was well treated and cared for. It really made me appreciate Brubacher, and his paycheck helped raise me. Working where I’d be respected and valued was important to me, and I wanted to get into the work environment that I knew took care of my dad. That’s why I started my career here.”

We look forward to seeing the new connections that Torey will make as our team grows and as we continue to help others start and excel in a career they love at a place where they are valued.


Introducing Chaplain Larry

photo of chaplain

Providing Chaplain Services for our team has been on the hearts of the Brubacher family for some time, and we are blessed to welcome Chaplain Larry W. to serve this role for Brubacher. His time is devoted to providing spiritual guidance, pastoral care, and additional wellness support for our team members and their families.

“A lot of events, transitions, and changes happen in our lives, and often times there are lots of challenges that come with that. I’m here to be a listening ear, a counsel, and an encouraging friend for everyone,” said Larry. “When I see Jesus making a difference in others’ lives, when I see people experience the depth of God’s love for them, that is what inspires me. I served as a pastor for nearly 30 years and had a desire to continue caring for people even after my retirement. That’s exactly what Keith was searching for when he invited me to serve in this role.”

We are grateful for Larry’s support of our team members and their families, from engaging in conversations about faith journeys and day-to-day stresses to hospital visits, grief and bereavement counseling, and more.

“I think what I’m most excited about is seeing a whole new world through the construction industry,” shared Larry. “I visited a jobsite last week just as a shift began. I watched the crew huddle in the morning and then, one by one, they loaded up into their bulldozers and machines, and suddenly the whole jobsite was in motion. I was fascinated! I’m looking forward to interacting more with this team and to building many new relationships.”


Service Awards

January 2023

Gerry receiving award from Keith and Ben

Gerry W. (center) – Accounts Payable Administrator – 35 Years

“35 years ago, Ben Brubacher asked if I would like to work for him in his new office when it was up and running. I told him I would think about it. Needless to say, I accepted and began what has become a 35-year career that has spanned two Brubacher generations. And, now, I’m working alongside a third. This has been my workplace, a place I’ve made friends, and a home away from home. It’s a privilege to work for this family-oriented company that not only values its employees but their families as well. I’m honored to have been here for 35 years. I can’t imagine it any other way!” – Gerry

February 2023

Skip receiving award from Keith

Skip R. (right) – Field Heavy Equipment Technician – 20 Years

“What a great experience I’ve had. I wouldn’t trade the people I’ve met here for anything. Something I’ve loved most during my time here is the team and how everyone is always looking out for what’s best for everyone else. It’s always about accomplishing a goal bigger than ourselves and together. It’s really been a good 20 years.”

Eric receiving award

Eric H. (right) – Vac Truck Foreman – 5 Years

“When you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. I thoroughly enjoy my job. Brubacher is a great company to work for – they truly care about their people. I look forward to many more years with this team!” – Eric

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