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President’s Message

Honoring Our 'Spectacular Seven' for 35 Years of Service

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1988 was a big year for rapidly-growing Brubacher Excavating. Ben purchased two new Cat 627E push/pull scrapers, a D8N, and several dump trucks and pickups. Most importantly, he made several great hires, seven of whom are with us today and celebrating 35-year anniversaries at Brubacher! They serve our clients and co-workers in roles ranging from Lowboy Driver to Supervisor to Accounts Payable.

We are grateful for the dedication, loyalty, and flexibility demonstrated by this fine group of people over so many years. The amount of change over such a time span is remarkable. Much of that change is welcomed, like safety advances, vacuum excavation and mini-excavators to reduce shoveling, speed of communication, GPS and grade control. Other changes are not so welcome, and that list depends on who you ask!

Reflecting on employment anniversaries, I consistently conclude that it is more a reflection on the individual and their outlook and approach than on us as a company. Yes, it does take both, but the greatest credit lies within the team member. These milestones reveal several traits:

  • Eagerness or willingness to grow
  • Doing what is right
  • Ability to deal with conflict and disappointment
  • Maturity to welcome and accept feedback
  • Ability to adapt to change
  • Helping others succeed

Today’s younger team members see these experienced long-term folks and sometimes think they may never be that skilled, or that it will take decades, or the experienced person was always that good. Little do they know about the learning curves, mistakes, and issues that turned into Ben’s dinner-table stories in 1988 and the following years! Most of these are long-forgotten, and we are humbled by the faithful service of the ‘Freshman Class of ‘88’ as they chose to build their career at Brubacher.

I am grateful to live in America where we have the freedom to choose the field in which we work. I am proud to be part of an industry where people can grow and thrive, being rewarded for their hard work regardless of their learning style and education. And I am humbled to serve as a leader in a company that supports and rewards their growth.

Whether you are starting your career in construction or identify with the ‘Spectacular Seven’ who celebrate 35 years at Brubacher, we can all benefit by practicing the traits that led to their success here. Even more rewarding is helping those around us through the inevitable tough spots in their own journeys. In fact, one of the best predictors of a new team member’s success is if they have a good friend at work, someone who cares about them and their success. We can be encouragers, offer a helping hand, and give a word of wisdom or correction to support their success. I can guarantee you are benefitting from those who did the same for you!

Gerry – Accounts Payable Administrator
Jonas – Dozer Operator
Kenneth – Truck Driver
Wade – Dozer Operator
Timothy – Utilities Pipe Supervisor
Tony – Utilities Backhoe Operator
Kevin – Pipe Supervisor

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