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Featured Service: Paving

Count on a smooth experience, start to finish, for all of your paving projects.

  • paving job site
  • paving job site

Our crews are experienced on projects of all sizes and in all types of settings, from roadway night shifts and asphalt repair to large parking lots and new streets. They are dedicated to providing Insight. On Site. to add greater value, and they recognize TEAMWORK as a core value at Brubacher. That’s what it takes on paving projects to deliver an exceptional experience for our clients every inch of the way. We have multiple experienced and hardworking crews to provide paving services to our clients across regions in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

“We have three crews and we are ONE department. That is our focus every day,” said Donnie H., Paving Manager. “Our delivery is consistent, no matter which crew is on the job. We all have the same mindset, purpose, and values. We have one common goal: safely deliver a high-quality professional finish, done by a professional workforce. Every site with every crew is done this way. It’s the Brubacher way of paving.”

Before we begin, our team takes initiative in the pre-work planning phase for your project to mitigate risks, address potential problems and provide possible solutions, and to minimize inconvenience to others. This planning and communication process ensures a quality result for you with the goal of “No Surprises” once we begin.

Brubacher’s Asphalt Paving & Milling services include:

  • Streets
  • Parking Lots
  • Large Driveways
  • PennDOT Paving & Milling
  • Trench Restoration
  • Full Depth Milling
  • Mill In Place
  • Overlay Milling
  • Curb Reveal Milling
  • Asphalt Patches

Our team also provides asphalt maintenance and repairs to help manage any concerns and to keep paved sites safe and in great condition. Safety is critical, and asphalt damage can be associated with serious risk if issues are left unmonitored, unattended, and under the radar. An experienced paving professional can provide a thorough review of your site to identify any concerns or underlying issues and provide repair solutions that will ensure your grounds are safe for pedestrians and vehicles alike. With one fully dedicated team and a fleet of reliable and up-to-date equipment, we are prepared to meet the requirements of your project and provide quality work, exceptional value, and a smooth, safe experience from start to finish.

“We value our people, and we value the safety of every project,” said Andrew S., Project Manager and Estimator. “This extends through the finished product, because we care about our clients in this way, too.”

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Night Paving at Dwell at Caln (aka MiPlace at Downingtown)

  • paving at night
  • paving at night
  • paving at night

The Brubacher team completed a night paving project this fall on Route 322 in Downingtown, PA, including travel lanes, shoulders, and ramps going onto Route 30. This project required a highly experienced skill level to navigate the site complexities and to meet PennDOT’s required rideability expectations at completion.

For five consecutive nights, team members worked diligently together on this paving project, from full reconstruction in some areas (down to the subbase) to replacing four different products (stone, base-course asphalt, binder-course asphalt, and wearing-course asphalt).

“Our team was so well prepared, well scheduled, and very detailed that we were able to eliminate any obstacles before we even started on night one,” Donnie said. “We thoroughly preplanned and had several onsite meetings with PennDOT and the site superintendent. It’s a great relationship that we have with them and with the inspectors. They know when Brubacher is on the job, it will be a job well done.”

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