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Featured Project: Tradeport

Brubacher helps beat all odds to achieve client goals when invited mid-project to work alongside another contractor and overcome sitework challenges.

  • Tradeport job site
  • Tradeport job site
  • Tradeport job site
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  • Tradeport job site
  • Tradeport job site
  • Tradeport job site

“When we got there, the existing condition of the jobsite was a lot to take in at first. It took a great amount of teamwork, excellent management and scheduling, and a lot of drive and flexibility to complete the tasks at hand safely. It was pretty spectacular how we accomplished the goal for NorthPoint,” Kevin B., Project Manager, shared when reflecting on the obstacles the Brubacher team overcame at Tradeport.

A unique challenge and opportunity was presented to the team when we were called onto NorthPoint Development’s project in Luzerne County, PA, to work with Miller Brothers Construction and help increase efficiencies to meet project goals and deadlines. This jobsite surrounds a distribution warehouse with a 28-acre building footprint. What began as a contract to place curb stone and paving quickly turned into much more, as we uncovered many additional site needs to meet environmental and occupancy deadlines.

Our team eagerly took on the challenge with confidence, leaning on decades of experience and working hand in hand with the general contractor and owner. We communicated frequently, provided Insight. On Site.®, and established a complete project strategy to increase efficiencies and deliver results. To date, a full range of sitework services has been provided, including:

  • project management
  • risk mitigation
  • GPS modeling, drone mapping, and surveying
  • earthwork (estimating 100,000 cubic yards of dirt moved)
  • underground utility installation (consisting of large diameter stormwater pipe over 40 feet deep)
  • site stabilization
  • erosion control and stormwater management compliance
  • curbing, paving, and final line striping (estimating 75,000 square yards of asphalt placed to date)
  • supporting other trades to complete a 40-foot-high retaining wall and backfill
  • and more!

By the time the project is completed this spring, we will have safely completed all sitework and placed nearly 35,000 tons of asphalt over 107,850 square yards of paved areas.

“Starting off, the schedule was tight to say the least. Our team quickly got to work, forming a workable plan and laying out a schedule to fit everyone’s needs. We communicated concerns and possibilities with all parties involved and we stayed adaptable to the workload as it kept increasing,” shared Site Superintendent Landon M. “We worked through bad weather in winter months to ensure critical deadlines were met, and every one of our team members has given 100 percent effort to keep things rolling as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

Director of Field Operations Brad C. shared, “this project showcases what we do as an organization – coming up against even the most difficult tasks and hitting milestones with positive attitudes. Some of the key parts to this success included managing and mitigating risk, change orders, and accurately documenting all time and material work. As the project continues, Kevin and Landon consistently manage all aspects extremely well.”

While many clients include us early on in the project planning process, the truth is we are grateful for every opportunity to provide turnkey solutions and bring our clients’ visions to life no matter what phase they may be in when reaching out. From the moment our boots hit the ground, we made it our mission to reassure NorthPoint that we would take every measure to help see their project through safely and successfully.

“Your team is doing a phenomenal job. We realize how difficult it is to mobilize in the middle of a project, and we appreciate the hard work. NorthPoint looks forward to working with you on future projects from start to finish.” – Matt M., NorthPoint Development Manager

At Brubacher, we value both relationships and results and we work together to ensure our clients are satisfied with the work we provide and the experience of partnering with our team. Bringing this project full circle, our Director of Estimating and Project Management Allan D. noted, “it’s really exciting when you get to build a relationship with a client, earn their trust, and hear that they look forward to continuing the partnership … all because we had the opportunity to show them the Brubacher difference.”

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