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Featured Project: Delivering Diverse Capabilities for Commercial, Warehouse, Special Projects, and More

Navigating Complexities and Providing Insight. On Site. Across a Range of Vital Industries and Markets

  • Faulkner Subaru: D8 being used to start stripping topsoil

  • Faulkner Subaru: An example of rock encountered during excavation of the Geostorage System. This rock will be crushed onsite for subbase.

  • Faulkner Subaru: Travis using the D8 to finish pushing fill out of the Geostorage System.

  • Faulkner Subaru: Sonny excavating rock and fill from the Geostorage System.

  • Faulkner Subaru: Rock Hammering in process

  • Blackhorse Distribution Center: Tim G.'s paving crew placing the binder course on "New Road" of the site.

  • Blackhorse Distribution Center: Tim G.'s paving crew placing the binder course on "New Road" of the site.

  • Blackhorse Distribution Center: Tim G.'s paving crew placing the binder course on "New Road" of the site.

  • Mary Yardley Bridge: Previous existing Yardley Borough pedestrian bridge

  • Mary Yardley Bridge: Removing existing bridge with telehandler

  • Mary Yardley Bridge: Jake S., Rich N., and Matt J. working on construction of bridge

  • Mary Yardley Bridge: New Yardley pedestrian bridge

For those who know Brubacher best, it is not surprising that our versatile crews are called on to collaborate on a diverse array of project types. In addition to the many residential development and redevelopment projects that have been shared recently, the Brubacher team also has crews working hard on a range of other projects for clients in the Commercial, Warehouse, and many other industries. We are grateful for the hundreds of dedicated, experienced, and safety-focused individuals who are the heart of the Brubacher team. Their hard work, combined with our top-notch fleet, enables us to provide diverse capabilities in earthwork, underground utilities, grading, and paving services.

Whether it’s a commercial site construction project requiring excellent communication with key stakeholders, sitework for a warehouse development project that calls for significant problem-solving to prepare the way for a large-scale building in a very visible location, or a highly anticipated replacement of a beloved footbridge in a busy recreation area, Brubacher’s experience and commitment to providing Insight. On Site. shines through. We are honored to be in partnership with our clients and to share the details of three distinctly different projects that demonstrate the breadth of our capabilities in site development work and more: Faulkner Subaru in Easton, PA, Blackhorse Distribution Center in Denver, PA, and the Mary Yardley Bridge over the Delaware Canal in Yardley, PA.

Faulkner Subaru: Paving the Way for a New Commercial Landmark in Easton, PA

Transforming an open field into a state-of-the-art car dealership is an ambitious undertaking, and our team has been honored to provide the construction sitework for the Faulkner Subaru dealership expansion project in Easton, PA. This commercial construction project required a thoughtful approach and an experienced team to tackle complex challenges presented by the Lehigh Valley’s clay soils, stormwater management constraints, and pre-existing site conditions. Carried out in partnership with Speedwell Construction as the General Contractor, Brubacher applied decades of experience as a leading excavating contractor, including value engineering, expertise in soil management, and effective coordination to help drive this project towards a successful completion planned for later this year.

“Early in the project, our team identified significant cost-saving opportunities that were not determined in the pre-existing engineering plan, and we were excited to deliver that added value to Faulkner Subaru. Providing detailed project planning and risk mitigation services through value engineering was crucial in overcoming site complexities related to soil remediation needs, overall soil composition, and a site split between two sides of a business park roadway,” shared Kevin B., Project Manager.

Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley is known for its clay soils, which can pose significant challenges, and our team was prepared to implement soil stabilization techniques, such as soil cementing, to ensure a solid foundation for the new buildings. However, considerable additional challenges were presented that required extensive remediation, including the fact that the west side of the site had been used as a dumping ground for decades. Debris removal was necessary ahead of other sitework in the project’s scope. Once that cleanup work was complete, the building pad was readied quickly—in about one month’s time—helping to keep the project moving forward efficiently.

The total scope of this project includes:

  • Land clearing services
  • Erosion controls
  • Mass earthwork
  • Stormwater and sanitary sewer systems
  • Underground retention basin
  • Asphalt paving services
  • Stone and concrete for curbs and sidewalk installation
  • A landscaping irrigation system

From a project management perspective, the seamless collaboration between our team and the project stakeholders, including Faulkner’s ownership, set this endeavor apart. The split site added logistical complexity regarding physical space constraints, which led to the need for innovative stormwater management solutions. In coordination with all project partners, the construction of a large underground basin was the result, utilizing a creative design and advanced technology. Known as a geo-storage system and situated beneath parking areas, it incorporates an 18-foot-deep basin about the size of a football field, with multiple retaining walls and a 23-foot-long precast plinth.

While work is continuing this summer, Brubacher is honored to have contributed value in many aspects of the project’s progress, including collaborating with the general contractor on cost savings solutions, providing insight into handling the challenging soil conditions, and coordinating to remove debris. The new facility’s grand opening in spring 2025 will mark a significant milestone for Faulkner Subaru, doubling their business to serve more customers and continue growing as a company. Brubacher is honored to be part of this generational project.


Blackhorse Distribution Center: Redeveloping a Prime Commercial Location

 Located in Denver, PA, adjacent to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, this project epitomizes our commitment to providing efficient and sustainable site excavation services for valued project partners. Commissioned by Wright Ebersole LLC, the Blackhorse Distribution Facility project is a redevelopment effort to transform an abandoned site into a plastic recycling warehouse. Brubacher is honored to contribute our experience and solutions-focused approach to this complex project throughout the process, which has had an extended timeline. The project began with the demolition of a deserted motel, restaurant, and auction building, which Brubacher undertook in 2022. This phase was crucial in clearing the way for the new development, even as some final planning work with approvals at the municipal level was still in process.

“One of the unique aspects of this project was an agreement between the project’s ownership and the township, allowing sitework to proceed before the final land development plans were approved. This proactive approach enabled Brubacher to establish the building pad earlier than is typical,” noted Project Manager Ron S.

Having earthwork and site preparation completed so far in advance created the opportunity for the team to build a significant retaining wall in addition to other critical infrastructure. The retaining wall stands as a notable feature of the project, reaching 40 feet at its highest point and spanning approximately 1,700 feet in length. This wall is essential for supporting the site’s western section and ensuring soil stability.

“Collaborating with designers and engineers, we obtained a permit amendment to accommodate the wall’s construction, which was initially impeded by the proposed sediment basin,” shared Ron. “We knew the retaining wall would be a concern for all involved. We focused on figuring out the best and safest way to build this wall upfront so the builder could start constructing the building.”

 Despite additional external project delays, the team’s open communication and cooperative problem-solving ensured that the project stayed on track. In all, our work has encompassed a comprehensive range of site preparation and development services over the last two years, including:

  • Risk mitigation and preplanning
  • Demolition, site clearing, and grubbing
  • Retaining wall construction, including crushing backfill on site
  • Utilities installation, including water, sewer, and stormwater systems
  • Sidewalks, curb and paving

Reflecting on teamwork being a vital driver toward ultimate project success, Project Engineer Rob D. shared, “I think as a team, we worked well together with another prime contractor. Sometimes that collaboration can be challenging, but everyone involved has been very understanding of everyone’s tasks to work for the betterment of the project.” Site Superintendent Tim G. echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the seamless coordination and teamwork that minimized the need for owner intervention and showcased the value of collaboration in delivering the best possible product.

As we approach the completion of the Blackhorse Distribution Facility, we remain proud of the progress made and look forward to the positive impact this facility will have as it returns to productive use.


Mary Yardley Bridge: Revitalizing a Community Treasure with Innovation and Safety

A significant transformation has occurred in the heart of Yardley, a small Eastern Pennsylvania borough along the Delaware River known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant community. The Mary Yardley Pedestrian Bridge, a crucial connector for locals and visitors within a significant recreation area, has been meticulously and safely rebuilt after years of delay. This unique project was completed by Brubacher’s Special Projects team in collaboration with Remington and Vernick Engineers and supported by the Borough of Yardley. While it was not a large-scale project, it was complex due to widespread media coverage and community interest connected to the popularity of the original structure and the large number of stakeholders across a variety of public and private entities.

The scope and vision of the project entailed replacing a pedestrian bridge over the Delaware Canal that crossed DCNR (Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) property. The original structure, owned by the Borough of Yardley, had deteriorated over time, necessitating a comprehensive overhaul.

The solution was to construct a new fiberglass bridge, a first for the Brubacher team. The plan was to build the bridge from its components on-site before lifting it into place following the removal of the existing bridge. Some grading was also involved to minimize environmental impact. According to Project Manager Joshua S., “While the bridge arrived in a million pieces, and assembling it presented a unique challenge and learning experience for all of us, our team was quick and confident in our plan and approach.

Assembling the new bridge was just one complexity of the overall project, which demanded exceptional problem-solving skills and an unwavering commitment to safety throughout. Fall protection measures with rigging were a necessary part of the operation. Additionally, as part of water safety protocols, a small boat was obtained to facilitate work within the canal, where water levels fluctuated between 2 inches to 5 feet, controlled by DCNR’s locks.

The weight of the new bridge posed a significant challenge in terms of placement, which was complicated further by encroaching power lines. Initially, a crane was subcontracted for the job, but it was determined it could not proceed. With the power lines immovable, the team had to devise a creative workaround. They employed a telehandler—a 4-wheel drive forklift—along with a man lift to access the site and dismantle the old bridge. This process was labor-intensive and involved extensive manual work to deconstruct the bridge down to its last beams.

From the logistics of heavy equipment in a confined area to the presence of a body of running water, the team persevered with ingenuity and dedication. The project has concluded successfully, with the bridge opening to pedestrians in April. Joshua credits Howard M. and his team with taking the lead, ensuring that all safety specifications were rigorously followed and that the project remained on time and on budget while bringing everything together smoothly. “Despite the challenges and the learning curve involved, the project has been successful. It’s gratifying to see our efforts result in a new bridge that the community has been anticipating for a long time,” Joshua said.

The Mary Yardley Pedestrian Bridge not only enhances the connectivity within Yardley but also exemplifies the community’s resilience and collaborative spirit. The successful completion of the bridge marks a significant milestone, and Brubacher counts it an honor to be included in this project for the community’s benefit.


Adding Value and Insight. On Site. for Every Project

From transforming challenging terrain and redeveloping formerly idle commercial locations to revitalizing cherished community structures, our team’s commitment to delivering high-quality results for every client remains steadfast. As we continue to shape the landscapes and communities we serve, Brubacher is proud to uphold our legacy of providing Insight. On Site., ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds our partners’ expectations.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our business groups and Brubacher team members involved in these projects. Your hard work and dedication make it possible for us to tackle such a wide range of endeavors with success and precision.

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