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Featured Photos: Latest Scoop 2024 Issue 1

  • Excavator Operator Juan M. and Pipe Layer Mike W. work together to spread the right amount of 2B stone as bedding for Sanitary sewer pipe installation at a project in northern Delaware.

  • Our mission of Shaping the World we Live in, is on display here as one of our Operators Blake A., takes time out of his day to teach a few high school students on a tour of Brubacher about the Earthworks Program in the cab of a brand-new CAT 352 excavator.

  • 15 team members invested a day in our Intro to Leadership class designed for those that are working in or towards positions of leadership throughout the organization. A great day together learning a high-level view of why and how we do the things we do at Brubacher.

  • The Brubacher Paving team welcomed the arrival of a new team member, a brand-new CAT 655 Paver! Here they are receiving training on the use and care of this new paver as we prepare for the season ahead!

  • Gus P., Excavator Operator, and Colby D., Pipe Layer, work together while installing watermain at a project in Montgomery County utilizing GPS technology in a Komatsu 360 Excavator and a GPS Rover to help guide them in the proper depth for installation, all tools to assist these highly skilled team members in the safe, quality work they perform.

  • Most people never get to see what happens under the ground. It takes a team to deliver the infrastructure for the next generation of families to live in this community. Here Mike W., Pipe Payer, aligns the pipe laser with the centerline stake for the next run of storm sewer pipe that will one day guide stormwater runoff to a detention basin in Delaware.

  • The winter can be tough for an excavator but a morning like this is a reminder of good things to come and opportunities to seize!

  • This winter we had brought the entire Utilities Department in for a day of Best Practice training. Crews spent time collaborating on how we safely and efficiently install underground utilities. They also finished out the day with some hands-on pipe cutting and beveling training that led to a competition to see which crew could deliver the safest, highest quality beveled pipe!

  • Meet Torey S., our Recruiter who has spent the last month all over PA at various trade schools, speaking with prospective students about a career at Brubacher. We value our school relationships and appreciate those individuals that invest in themselves by learning about our industry as well as other blue collar trades!

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