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Featured Photos: Latest Scoop 2023 Issue 2

  • Omar sharing 39 years of knowledge and experience with Austin and Jack as he teaches them the craft of being a Dozer Operator.

  • Tim using a Deere 755K to efficiently backfill a complex storm sewer run in Bridgeport, PA.

  • We had the privilege of joining future Trades Men and Women of our industry as they competed in the Pennsylvania State SkillsUSA competition in Heavy Equipment Operations hosted at the Volvo Customer Center in Shippensburg, PA. Investing in the next generation is part of shaping the world we live in here at Brubacher!

  • Pictured from left to right is Wade, Jake, Eugene, Jim, Bob and Lennie. We are very happy to have these guys as part of the Brubacher Team for a combined 168 years of service!

  • Digging for gold at the end of the rainbow in Luzerne County? Not so… rather a reminder of God’s promise to never again flood the earth.

  • Mike S. rolling with a brand-new Cat CB10 Asphalt Roller and Damion A. “finish” rolling with a brand new Cat CB 2.7 Asphalt Roller, putting the finishing touches on a Wearing Course at the Iron Pigs Baseball complex in Allentown, PA.

  • At 1115 American Parkway, a Komatsu PC360 is reflected in the aftermath of one of May’s rain storms.

  • Cleaning up from milling in preparation for trench overlay at a watermain replacement project underneath spring blooms.

  • Culvert Replacement Completed On Time, On Budget due to Insight. On Site.

  • Steve skillfully operates a Cat 374 excavator, loading ADT’s in preparation for a warehouse in Denver, PA.

  • Skip R. and Barney C. completing repairs on the feller-buncher under the shade of a 5-6' diameter poplar about to be harvested in preparation for a large housing subdivision in Wilmington, DE.

  • Todd B. and team utilize a Cat 6015, two 777s and a D10 to extract coal used in the steel-making process.

  • Brubacher crews and subcontractors worked round-the-clock for 10 days to complete a challenging sewer main extension on Rt 322 in Chester County, PA.

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