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Featured Photos

  • Operator cleaning equipment windows

    Being an operator isn’t just about what you can do with the equipment. It’s also about the responsibility to take care of the equipment. An important part of an operator’s daily safety routine is cleaning cab windows. This is especially critical for visibility when the sun is low in the sky.

  • Women in the office

    Many of our team members gathered together as we expressed our gratitude for women in construction, especially the ones who are a part of the Brubacher team.

  • excavator swinging trench box into place

    John, pictured in his Komatsu 360 excavator, swinging a trench box into place as he works with the rest of his crew to install sanitary sewer at our Bethel Ridge Project.

  • dirt crew in sunshine on mild day

    We always love sunshine and mild days during the winter. Pictured is our dirt crew at a project in Bethel Township, Delaware County, capitalizing on a great opportunity to shape a project in February for WhiteBriar Homes.

  • paving crew job well done

    Another job well done by our paving crews. Thank you for working safely and delivering a high quality product!

  • installing underground bed

    Team members working to install an underground bed and collapse a construction phase basin to prepare building pads for a developer at a project around Media, PA.

  • safety meeting in shop

    Safety is one of our values here at Brubacher. Pictured is one of our Q1 Safety Stand Ups held at our shop, where we proactively talk about safety updates, awareness, and refresh the reasons why we choose each day to value safety!

  • Installing storm sewer run

    Drew and Brian working together to install a storm sewer run at one of our industrial warehouse projects.

  • Site Assistant Delani

    Site Assistant Delani shared her thoughts about working in construction, noting “I dig the great co-workers, the visual progress, and of course getting muddy some days. A big thanks to Brubacher for giving me a chance and teaching me the ropes of construction.”

  • Team members working through a final cut in a basin as they deal with the challenge of one final ridge of rock

    Team members working through a final cut in a basin as they deal with the challenge of one final ridge of rock. It takes a team of skilled operators working together to efficiently remove this material.

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