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Featured Departments: Training & Dispatch

Training - Investing in People - Building Safety, Skills, and Leadership

  • Paving team in training class

    The Brubacher Paving Team invested a day in safety, technical, and teamwork development just prior to the start of the 2023 paving season.

  • Supervisors in class for Supervisory Training

    A Brubacher University Supervisory Training Class is led by Jordan, Manager of People and Development, as part of a winter series for new supervisors and others looking to grow their skills.

“When our team excels, so do the results that we deliver for our clients. Safety and training go hand in hand – you need both to be successful. The reason we do it is because it’s the right thing to do,” said Safety Director Dave M. “We don’t ask employees to come be successful at Brubacher. We believe it’s our responsibility to equip them with the tools they need to be better and to give them every opportunity to succeed.”

Our team members are the heart of Brubacher, and our training is designed to increase their safety at work and to advance their industry knowledge and skillsets. While this is an investment for each individual’s personal career and development, we also invest in training to give our clients confidence in knowing that the Brubacher team works safely and professionally on every project to achieve their goals.

Brubacher’s training is focused on consistently providing in-house programs and opportunities for team members to improve their safety best-practices, leadership skills, teamwork efforts, practical skillsets, and more. We take the time to properly train every employee from day one and consistently throughout their entire career. This equips them to operate more efficiently, work together more effectively, serve our clients well, and deliver the best results in the most cost-effective ways. With a diverse offering of training programs in place, we’re able to meet people where they are in their career journey and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their work every day. Some of Brubacher’s programs and initiatives include:

Bru You logo
  • BRU-YOU: Designed uniquely for Brubacher, this training program helps participants improve in three core areas (safety, technical skills, and professional development). Bru-You especially helps prepare our team members to be proactive rather than reactive when out in the field, providing numerous examples of how to live safety as a value in all they do.
  • Defensive Driving: Over 230 employees completed Brubacher’s Defensive Driving program just last year. Every team member driving a company vehicle is required to complete this training, helping improve their safety and the safety of others while on the road.
  • OSHA 10 & OSHA 30 Certifications: Safety Director Dave M. is certified to offer this 10- and 30-hour OSHA certification in-house, equipping participants with overall safety awareness and an understanding of OSHA requirements.
  • Leadership Development: This eight-week program is provided as an opportunity for current and future Supervisors to enhance their leadership skills to improve culture, morale, and teamwork at Brubacher.
  • Mentoring: Getting first-hand experience with a mentor in the field allows employees to learn in a real-life setting. While background knowledge, training resources, and classroom time is all beneficial, we believe hands-on learning is the best way to master proper techniques. Sometimes, we must ‘slow down’ and mentor someone today to make tomorrow better.
Rightnow media logo
  • RightNow Media Training: All team members have 24/7 access to this online portal, which includes over 20,000 video resources addressing wide-ranging topics from family relationships to leadership principles.

Brubacher’s trainers also work closely with others to cultivate an environment where everyone is supported to grow and excel in their career. Sometimes that can even mean helping them see their best fit is not at Brubacher. It’s because of every team member’s dedication and hard work that we’re able to serve our clients well and live out our mission of Shaping The World We Live In every day. When you partner with our team, you can expect that every individual is receiving the necessary tools to be able to step onto your site well-prepared, properly trained, properly supervised, and ready for the job.

“We invest in our people to help them achieve success and reach their greatest potential. Everyone helps each other, we encourage positive mentorship, and hope everyone will become the best version of themselves while a part of Brubacher,” said Jordan K., Manager of People and Development. “We believe in a one-hand-up and one-hand-back mentality, where one strives to achieve his or her own goals while reaching a hand out to bring someone else up. We want to help others lead their crews well, lead their families well; it’s why Brubacher exists. If we focus on that, everything else falls into place. We love moving dirt, but we are really here to better serve people.”


Dispatch - Resources Delivered Safely and Efficiently

Dispatchers working at their desks in the office

Greg and Travis, the Brubacher Dispatch Team, always go the extra mile to make sure our people, equipment, and truck resources are effectively distributed across our projects to serve our clients.

“We’re focused on safety, accuracy, efficiency, and coordinating all our equipment in a way that makes the biggest difference for our team and our clients,” Dispatch Manager Greg B. shared. “I started at Brubacher 17 years ago as a Laborer, and later worked as a Screed Operator and in many other field positions that have given me insight to what our team experiences every day. I believe it really helps to have that perspective and to know just how important it is for our department to stay on our toes and always maintain constant communication with everyone.”

We promise our clients an uncommonly refreshing experience and high-quality results, and it’s the way our company operates and how our team works together that makes that possible. While our Project Managers and Supervisors oversee their specialized jobs and crews, Dispatch is focused on understanding the bigger picture of the entire team combined at all times. It takes a lot of proactive planning to forecast projects days and weeks in advance, to coordinate the delivery of equipment, and to be ready to adapt when schedule changes or equipment maintenance are needed.

Travis W., who is a Dispatcher and has worked at Brubacher for over 30 years, also understands the difference it makes when you’re out in the field and feel confident that you’ll always have exactly what you need to get the job done. “Many of my 30 years were spent out in the field. Last minute changes and challenges are part of the process – it’s a given in our industry – but we do our best to always keep things moving forward in a timely manner and work proactively to ensure the needs of all day-to-day operations are taken care of for all our crews. It’s rewarding getting to be a part of this department to help set everyone up for success.”

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