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Featured Department: Meet the Finance & Accounting Team

A Seamless Billing Process for an Uncommonly Refreshing Client Experience

Finance Accounting Team Members

It’s important to all of us at Brubacher that our team goes above and beyond to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the services we provide, the work we perform, and the results that we deliver. We give this same attention and dedication to our billing process behind the scenes to ensure we’re meeting our clients’ expectations and budget plans and delivering accurate payment applications throughout every project. It also aids the process of getting paid on time, which is critical to the health of the company.

“Accuracy is important to us. A lot of little things go into making sure that the billing process runs smoothly,” said Brooke R., Operations Accountant. “We dot our i’s and cross our t’s, and we work together to make sure that it’s right. There are a lot of pieces that go into the big picture.”

Brubacher’s Finance & Accounting Department is attentive to every detail, starting with the preliminary phase when we first receive a contracted project. Our Billing Team looks for the scheduled value, any retainage, necessary lien waivers, AIA document details, and any differences between a client’s submitted form and communicates any discrepancies in a timely manner to keep billing on time and on schedule each month. We understand the vital components of a client’s project and their expenses, and we scan every line for accuracy.

Once a project is set up and all details are confirmed, our Project Managers’ recorded time and completion of services are reviewed to ensure their proposed dollar value matches the budgeted dollar value. Waivers are submitted as required, subcontractor forms are reviewed in full, and notarizations are completed prior to submitting an invoice (known as an application). We commit to being good stewards of our clients’ resources, and that includes their project budgets. We’re grateful for each and every partnership and recognize the trust that is put in our team to record, review, and bill all aspects of every construction project accurately and without surprises.

“When an application is submitted, our clients can be sure that we did our due diligence,” said Brenda K., Accounting Team Leader. “We want them to feel confident that our team cares just as much about this part of the experience with Brubacher as we do about all other aspects of working with our team. We want billing done correctly and we want to meet and exceed our clients’ standards.”

“Being an Owner’s Representative, PH&C works with various members of Brubacher’s overall team on each project we manage. In a business where details matter, it is important for me to work with a team that, regardless of the individual performing a certain task, the entire team is willing to jump in and assist if and as needed. That has been my experience with Brubacher as a whole. Specific to their Billing Department, especially Brenda, Chelsea, and Brooke, I appreciate their full attention to detail and am thankful these ladies are part of that team.”
Jeffrey W. McClintock, P.E.
Development Manager-Construction, PH&C, L.L.C.

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