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Featured Department: Making a Difference for Our Clients & Vendors: Juliana- Maecy- Sally

Thank You to Brubacher’s Estimating Coordinator, Construction Administrative Assistant, and Utilities Project Assistant

Each team member plays a vital role in helping us deliver an exceptional experience for our clients, vendors, and communities. That experience begins from the very moment a bid or proposal is received at our office and is supported for the duration of every earthwork, paving, and utilities project. Team members Juliana R., Estimating Coordinator; Maecy L., Construction Administrative Assistant; and Sally E., Utilities Project Assistant, take the initiative to efficiently communicate with clients, municipal and township personnel, and our co-workers to support Brubacher in successful project estimating processes, preparation, and work coordination. Their dedication to a job well done at every phase helps ensure our project teams and crews in the field are set up well to work efficiently and complete every job successfully.

Juliana R., Estimating Coordinator


Often the first point of contact for our clients, vendors, and their teams, Juliana is Brubacher’s direct point of communication for initial inquiries and estimating. Prior to joining the construction industry, she spent the earlier years of her career in the hospitality industry – interacting with people, client communication, customer service, and adaptability are all key traits she models well.

“These skills are invaluable when working with clients, contractors, owners, and other stakeholders in construction,” Juliana noted. “There is a fast-paced nature about our industry, and it’s so important to stay adaptable and ensure client satisfaction throughout the entire experience.”

Juliana’s “Why Brubacher?” Story: “There is a strong sense of ownership and impact here. Everyone on the team takes pride in Brubacher’s successes. Although the company continues to grow, there is a tight-knit, team feeling that reassures you that your contributions are meaningful to the company’s future. Brubacher provides visibility and exposure to different aspects of the business and, if you’re willing to learn, they are willing to teach.” – Juliana


 Maecy L., Construction Administrative Assistant


Maecy is a key part of the Project Management Team and works closely with both clients and our project management teams. Organization and effective communication are important in her role, which includes vital project planning and execution responsibilities, such as coordinating PA One-Calls and municipal, township, and contractor licensing, ensuring detailed paperwork is accurately prepared for insurances, contracting agreements, and more. Her passion for serving clients well is rooted in her career experiences in hospitality and customer service. She takes pride in having a positive, solution-seeking outlook, keeping projects moving forward efficiently and following up after project completion to gather client feedback on their experience with Brubacher.

“The construction world is ever-changing. Things don’t always go perfectly, but the level of communication and the value of teamwork internally really makes a difference. It’s like working together to complete a puzzle,” Maecy shared. “We come together, find the missing pieces, and reflect back on what the end result is and how it serves our client.”

Maecy’s “Why Brubacher?” Story: “I enjoy and value working at Brubacher because of the positive and supportive environment. The employees here are like a family and everyone is always willing to help in any way they can. The communication to all work together and the dedication to not only fulfilling our mission but to always improve and take it a step further than what is expected makes for a great team.” – Maecy


Sally E., Utilities Project Assistant


 As part of the Utilities Department at Brubacher, Sally is dedicated to ensuring that all calls, reports, and detailed work on utilities projects are completed. With utilities having a large presence on the road and being underground, she has a sharp focus on safety, makes many PA One-Calls, and communicates with other team members to best prepare jobsites for safe digging. Sally has been a valuable member of the Brubacher team for more than four years and continues to serve the Utilities Department in a way that both our team and our clients greatly appreciate.

Thank you, Juliana, Maecy, and Sally for your continued dedication to our values safety, integrity, initiative, and teamwork – and for providing an uncommonly refreshing experience to all with whom we work!



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