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Featured Department: Human Resources, Stewarding Career Growth, Development, and Appreciation for All Team Members

Thank you to Brubacher’s HR Department for ensuring that every team member feels supported and celebrated through the interview process and every day on the job.

Left to Right: Jordan K., Manager of People and Development, Hannah L., Human Resources Manager, Carolyn W., Director of Human Resources, and Torey S., Recruiter

When you put your people first and steward the livelihood of every individual on your team, the framework, processes, and systems established help everyone do better while serving each other well. Prioritizing the “human” in Human Resources may not seem like a revolutionary approach when first introduced. However, the unified HR team at Brubacher (encompassing both recruitment responsibilities and team member support) shares insight on how open communication, a customer-first attitude applied internally, and fostering a genuine connection with all team members is uncommonly refreshing. At Brubacher, Shaping The World We Live In begins with supporting our people to reach their full potential in a career they enjoy and an environment where they feel appreciated.

“Keith Brubacher, President, often reminds us to think about Brubacher as a ‘for-profit training and development company that happens to work with great clients and big equipment in construction’ rather than simply an excavation, paving, or underground utilities contractor. It’s a reframing of our approach that puts people first and allows our team in HR to create a similar experience for team members that Brubacher, as a whole, creates for clients. It’s the uncommonly refreshing approach to service but in a unique way that serves our team.” – Carolyn W., Director of Human Resources

It starts as early as the first interaction that prospective team members have with Recruiter Torey S. in the recruitment process. Torey sets a tone that carries through the work that Director of HR Carolyn W., Manager of People and Development Jordan K., and HR Manager Hannah L. undertake daily to equip Brubacher’s people with the benefits, work environment, and opportunities to thrive and excel. This highest level of care makes a big difference. We believe it plays a key role in what attracts new talent to Brubacher and what keeps hard workers around for the long haul. In fact, Brubacher is honored to celebrate more than 10 team members in 2023-2024 alone for their 35-40 years of service with Brubacher. Our hope is that many more individuals will achieve great success throughout their career journeys because of our efforts and support. We take to heart every service award and recognition we have the opportunity to share with our team!

Brubacher’s HR team members are also passionate about the construction industry as a whole and how supportive everyone is, from the office to the field. In other companies and industry settings, individuals may be reluctant to reach out to HR personnel. We are grateful for how approachable Carolyn, Hannah, Jordan, and Torey are and the many ways they dedicate themselves to supporting our team members and their families. That support is a constant across each team member’s career journey, and it can be brought to life in many ways. Sometimes, it’s through the onboarding process, training and development setup, or necessary benefits assistance, and sometimes it’s through sending a thoughtful note from our team during a heavy or celebratory season of life. Brubacher’s HR team has a deep understanding of and respect for what makes working in the construction industry unique.

Hannah related, “There are very long days with frequent travel involved for construction industry employees. We always keep this in mind as a potential stressor as people are away from their families, and we know how important it is that everyone knows how sincerely we care about who they are as people and not just what they do at Brubacher.”

The Human Resources Department works closely with the Operations Department at Brubacher to understand all facets of project timelines, workflows, and shifting seasonal support needs. This empowers the HR team to be fully integrated with the entire team and breaks the mold of what many think HR is (that traditional corporate approach that tends to be hands-off unless there’s a problem). The result is that HR is crucial to helping Brubacher “do the right thing every day.”

Each member of the HR team plays a vital role in helping Brubacher be “the best friend someone’s career ever had” within the construction industry. They strive to be very welcoming and approachable team members who are always happy to help, seeking opportunities to celebrate others and offering guidance. When asked about a little-known fact about the Brubacher HR department, Torey shared, “This team is actually really funny! If you don’t know us, you should!”

For their true care and unwavering commitment, we want to thank our valued HR Department—Carolyn, Hannah, Torey, and Jordan—for everything they do. Their ability and willingness to put people first instills the Brubacher difference in each individual’s experience, from their first interactions in pursuing available job opportunities and throughout their entire construction career.

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