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Pond’s Edge

  • Pond's Edge Drone Photo
  • Progress at Pond's Edge Jobsite
  • Construction Vehicles at Pond's Edge Jobsite
  • Progress at Pond's Edge Jobsite
  • Pond's Edge Drone Photo
  • Pond's Edge Drone Photo
  • Construction Vehicles at Pond's Edge Jobsite
  • Construction Vehicle at Pond's Edge Jobsite
  • Progress at Pond's Edge Jobsite
  • Pond's Edge Drone Photo

Proactive Planning to Anticipate Challenges and Eliminate Surprises

Brubacher was brought in to support planning and budgeting for the Pond’s Edge project nearly 6 years before the project broke ground. Supporting our client through the early planning phases meant taking our role as a trusted advisor to heart. We worked alongside multiple developers throughout the planning and design process, with a keen focus on helping our client get a complete grasp on the project scope and budget. To deliver guidance with confidence, the team applied a depth of experience from complex residential development landscapes.

An integral part of the planning process included mitigating the risk of the unknown by first probing the site for rock conditions. This ensured an accurate account could be made of the potential impact before the project went to financing. This early preparation also played a key role in solidifying a reliable and accurate budget plan and eliminated redesign and rework obstacles. We took this opportunity to assure our new client that we would stand beside them every step of the way, bringing our expertise to their jobsite and reducing unwanted risks, costs, and schedule delays.

Once it was time to dig in, we delivered comprehensive sitework services, including construction surveying, erosion controls, earthwork, rock blasting, utility installation, curbing, and paving. The existing property was densely wooded and had lots of changes across the site topography. To start, crews began clearcutting and removing 35 acres of woodland. Once the site was clear, the team got to work on the significant regrading, which required more than 55,000 square feet of retaining wall construction. As sitework continued, we worked closely with our client and the project engineer to mitigate the impact of design changes and keep the project moving without disruption or major cost impacts.

Collaboration built on proactive communication was key to this project’s success. Construction on land adjacent to Pond’s Edge meant access points were shared with crews managed by other developers. Our team worked closely with crews on the nearby sites to keep equipment and materials moving. Ensuring we met and exceeded our partner’s expectations also meant serving the needs of our client, their developers, and the homebuilder who would eventually bring the development to life. We are grateful for the opportunity to have had a role in helping to shape this community.



Media, PA

Project Size

~35 Acres


  • Residential Development


  • Asphalt Paving & Milling
  • Construction Surveying
  • Design-Build Assist
  • Excavation & Grading
  • Insight. On Site.
  • Land Clearing & Demolition
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Utilities Infrastructure

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