Taylor G. Promoted to Project Engineer

Taylor G

Taylor started at Brubacher as an Assistant Estimator, just over a year ago, with a willingness to learn and a notable work ethic. His recent promotion to Project Engineer presents him with new responsibilities to oversee projects from start to finish; grow relationships and communicate with clients, engineers, municipalities, and other entities; and ensure field teams have the necessary resources and information needed to complete all jobs.

“Since starting here, I’ve experienced first-hand the mentorship and support that makes Brubacher uncommonly refreshing,” Taylor said. “I’ve learned a lot over the past year, thanks to the open doors, approachability, and the support of other team members. I am looking forward to new challenges and having the opportunity to sharpen my technical skills.”

We are excited to see him excel as a Project Engineer at Brubacher. Our team is confident Taylor will add valuable insight and demonstrate a willingness to learn that will continue to help him grow in his career while also positively influencing others around him.

Project Manager Chris S. shared “Taylor has been a great addition to the Brubacher team. He demonstrates the core values with ease and has already handled challenges to this point like a seasoned Project Engineer.”

It is without a doubt that Taylor lives out Brubacher’s core values daily. Our team is grateful for his dedication not only to our company, but to our clients and his coworkers.

“Our core values signify the foundation the company is built on,” Taylor said. “In our line of work, things are not always easy. The work we perform has inherent risks and the correct path is not always black and white. Our core values keep us grounded and give us a compass to navigate the day-to-day challenges.”

Chelsea S. Transitions to Financial Accountant

Chelsea S.

Chelsea has transitioned to a Financial Accountant role and is excited to apply her company knowledge and skills gained from her 12 years at Brubacher. Chelsea’s previous position as Job Cost Accountant has provided her with a great perspective of job cost transactions and revenue that will aid in her transition and expertise moving forward.

“Chelsea brings a well-rounded background of the company into this role because of all the other work she’s done,” said Alisha B., Controller. “And she always takes initiative to get the job done and has an excellent teamwork mindset.”

As Financial Accountant, Chelsea will form relationships with project managers and perform accurate reporting of all financial statements. Her husband also works at Brubacher.

“I love the family atmosphere here, and we both love working for Keith and with our coworkers,” Chelsea said. “It’s so good to enjoy who you’re working with every day. I think that’s why people really want to stay here; we work as a team really well.”

We are grateful for the opportunity to have Chelsea on the team and know she will be excellent in her endeavors as Financial Accountant.

Todd F. Promoted to General Superintendent


Congratulations to Todd, a Brubacher team member for over 15 years, on his well-deserved promotion from Site Superintendent to General Superintendent. A few of Todd’s most recognized qualities amongst the team are his expertise in the industry; ability to make decisions and bring solutions to the table (no matter the circumstance); approach to others as a mentor and coach; and initiative and willingness to do any job needed to help advance projects and to assist his teammates.

“The support from Brubacher has helped me a lot and has motivated me to keep improving myself,” Todd said. “I’m looking forward to continue learning more about our company and clients, being more involved with the office and also helping the new and upcoming supervisors succeed.”

In his new role, his main goal is to provide support and guidance to all field teams, ensuring best practices are being followed and helping Site Superintendents and Foremen advance their skills and experience.

Director of Field Operations Brad C. has been with Brubacher for 20 years and stated, “I’m extremely excited to see Todd in this role, because of the depth and personality he brings. He’s grown in the company alongside me for many years, and he adds a personal touch, getting to know who’s working with us and always eager to help them grow, too. My hope is always that my guidance throughout the years has helped others get to where they are and that I’ll see them growing to be successful in their new roles. We are very excited for Todd.”

We are thankful for Todd and his many contributions to our team. We look forward to having him continue leading by example and working as a mentor to others in the company.

Aaron S. Promoted to Survey Department Manager

Aaron S.

Aaron has been promoted to Survey Department Manager within his first year on the team. Originally beginning his career at Brubacher in April 2021 as a Surveyor, Aaron is now looking forward to helping the team streamline daily operations and utilize advanced technologies that will help increase efficiency and accuracy in the field. His background in strategic planning and maintaining high-quality standards brings great perspective and momentum to his role.

“I’m excited to help move the vision of the survey department forward for the growth of the company as a whole,” Aaron said. “I encourage strategic thinking and quality in our department. If others have ideas, they speak up. We’re all a team – it doesn’t matter what position someone holds – we all work together for the same goal. We all need to be in the trench together, too.”

Director of Field Operations Brad C. noted Aaron’s approachable personality and his natural ability to bring positive energy to the team every day, always wanting to see others enjoying their work and purpose, too. “He’s all about the team; he’s been a cheerleader for Brubacher since he’s been here and makes work enjoyable for others while also keeping a business state of mind,” stated Brad. “He’s quickly picked up on our processes and has shown that he values procedures and proficiency, as well as professional communication.”

Part of what makes Aaron a great leader is not just his commitment to living out Brubacher’s core values (especially teamwork), but his desire to help others achieve success – for themselves, clients, and the company.

“At Brubacher, you’re valued as a person and praised on the efforts that you give towards the company and your department,” Aaron added. “As people grow under me, I want to help them reach their career goals. The culture is definitely different here – it’s very welcoming, and I’m really glad I made the transition to Brubacher. It feels like home now, and I hope to help others move up.”

We are excited for the vision Aaron has for the survey department and know he will continue to lead the team in the right direction. If you reach out to Aaron, you will also see in his signature line: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a LEADER.” It’s an honor to have his leadership on the Brubacher team!

Brooke R. Promoted to Operations Accountant


Congratulations to Brooke on her promotion to Operations Accountant, a role in which she will be responsible for accurately recording and updating all jobs that the company is currently working on, while communicating with project managers to ensure cost projections and revenue are aligned.

Prior to her promotion, she held the position of Estimating Administrative Assistant since her start with Brubacher in 2020. She has demonstrated willingness to take on new tasks consistently, always looking for ways to continue learning and advancing her skills within her department to improve her job performance.

“Brooke demonstrates initiative by always getting anything she needs – whether a conversation with a project manager or otherwise – to get her job done. She’s confident and she is great at working with individuals of all different personality types,” Alisha B., Controller, said. “She’s also a big team player and always has been. Both roles she has filled are supportive to other individuals completing their jobs, and she does really well working with others on the team.”

We’d also like to congratulate Brooke and her husband Justin on their most recent personal celebration, the arrival of their second child born in January, baby girl Ellee. Brooke is currently enjoying her maternity leave at home with her family. We look forward to her return to Brubacher as a mother of two and in her new position Operations Accountant!

Colt G. Promoted to Utilities Pipe Supervisor

Colt G

Colt’s promotion to Utilities Pipe Supervisor recently occurred within his first year on the Brubacher team. His leadership skills, as well as his drive to succeed, were evident immediately upon his hire in his first role as Operator. In his new position, he is responsible for scheduling crews and ensuring safe production and operations are in place as the crew executes job processes through proper job completion. He also demonstrates excellent planning and communication skills, which are of great value in any supervisor role.

Colt’s most excited about the opportunity to have a hand in continuing to build Brubacher’s team and to ensure that all projects are done properly and efficiently for complete client satisfaction, while always keeping the company’s core values – safety, integrity, initiative, and teamwork – at the forefront of all work efforts for himself and for others.

“Our core values are priority every day. We want everyone to be safe, because we want everyone to go home to their families,” Colt shared. “I had heard Brubacher was the best place to work, and that was a big incentive to want to join the team. Ever since I’ve started here, I have been treated great. I believe if they see what you’re capable of, they’re willing to take a step and give you a chance.”

We are confident that Colt is a valuable leader and great addition to the team and look forward to seeing him experience great success in this department, inspiring others by his willingness to learn and eagerness to grow in the company.

“I think I speak for myself and Shawn (Project Manager and Estimator) when I say we’re excited to see where he’s going to grow in our department,” Utilities Superintendent Steve L. said. “Colt is a great communicator and leader, and we’re really excited we get to work with him.”

Joey M. Promoted to Recruiter

Joey M

In Joey’s new position as Recruiter, he is eager to help grow Brubacher’s team by pursuing efforts to find others who are enthusiastic about the company’s mission of Shaping the World We Live In and vision to be uncommonly refreshing in our approach to people, projects, and solutions. Joey will make new connections, networking and finding new and creative avenues to acquire potential candidates while promoting Brubacher’s overall brand and culture.

With a motivated mentality and positive attitude every workday, Joey is a great support to our marketing team, also contributing to our employee retention efforts and ensuring others feel heard, supported, and appreciated in their jobs.

“Joe is a go-getter, which is exactly what we needed for the Recruiter position,” Human Resource Manager Hannah L. said. “He brings a fresh perspective, as he has worked in the field as an Operator prior to transitioning to the Recruiter role. He brings a lot of great insight on what future candidates want and what they are looking for when searching for a new job. He is already excelling in his new role!”

Joey joined the team two years ago as a Dozer Operator and had taken opportunities to speak at trade schools and attend fall fest events for recruiting efforts. Though it was not part of his daily responsibilities in his prior position, he was “open to doing anything for the betterment of the company.” This led to a new perspective for him on his passion and future goals for his career at Brubacher.

“You can go anywhere you want in this company, as long as you’re willing to work for it,” Joey said. “I was willing to be flexible, do what needed to be done, and always strived to keep a positive attitude. I believe working hard and having a good attitude are huge. And if you do those things, you’ll succeed, grow, and excel here.”

Congratulations to Joey on his promotion; we are grateful for his efforts to find excellent additions for our growing team here at Brubacher!

Lori W. Transitions to HR Administrator

Lori M
Lori’s passion for helping others and her ability to connect with individuals on a one-on-one basis, learning how to best help and support them in any way possible, are key traits that make her an excellent team member at Brubacher. These, in addition to her personal connection to the company’s core values, are great qualities that will also contribute to her success in the Human Resources Administrator position. “I am truly excited to have an opportunity to learn, grow, and serve the needs of Brubacher and my teammates! When deciding if a career change was right for me, Brubacher’s core values stood out like a flashing neon light,” Lori shared. “I believe each of us come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. But one thing we can all agree on is Brubacher’s core values. I believe if you lead with the approach of truly caring for one another, all of the core values come naturally. Taking the time to ensure you are working safely, doing your job with integrity even if no one is looking, stepping up and helping without being asked, and being a team player helps everyone at the end of the day!” As Human Resources Administrator, Lori will provide a diverse range of support in areas such as training & development, performance management, benefits, employee relations, and onboarding. She recently shared that she will always strive to be a refreshing and effective first point of contact for human resource-related inquiries from both employees and external parties. “Lori is a hard worker, organized, and a HUGE team player,” said Human Resources Manager Hannah L. “You can tell that she thrives on making everyone’s life easier, and she is really good at it! She is always there when you need her and willing to do whatever it takes to help out the team.”

Brian H. Promoted to Foreman

Brian H

Brian’s career at Brubacher began seven years ago. Leading up to his promotion to Foreman, Brian previously worked in Operator positions showing great proficiency in taking initiative and overseeing jobs successfully. His experience in the field lends to his thorough understanding of what his current crews need and experience on a daily basis.

Brian will be focused on guiding his crew on all job sites to work safely, efficiently, and to stay attentive to timelines and all necessary communications, so that our clients continue to receive the experiences they deserve.

“I’m always looking for ways that I can grow and make things better,” Brian shared. “I’m excited to continue pushing myself in leading the crew for Brubacher and working towards our clients’ satisfaction.”

Furthermore, Brian displays extra attention to safety, which is always critical for leaders in our industry. It is important to us at Brubacher that our crews are safe, and we want our clients to have confidence in our abilities to operate a safe working environment for their projects.

General Superintendent Todd F. noted, “Brian brings stability and leadership to his position, because he is always willing to help out in any way to make the project and the team work better. He has constant determination and a willingness to learn, and he has even greater potential.”

Congratulations to Brian on his promotion to Foreman; we are excited to hear about the many successes to come for him, his crew, and our clients who have the opportunity to work with him.