Because of COVID, We Discovered …

Keith Brubacher

How many times have you heard “Because of COVID, we can’t…” and “Cancelled, because of COVID”’ in the last two years? I lost count! Personally, I’m tired of hearing them. Not simply because things we love to do didn’t happen, but because in many cases they’ve become an unquestioned safe response when we fail to be creative and adapt. 

Yes, I recognize and agree that it simply wasn’t prudent for many things to continue as if nothing were different. And our hearts ache with those who lost loved ones, health, and dreams. However, unless we are very alert and disciplined, both individuals and organizations use those two statements as a socially acceptable excuse that limits opportunity. I’ll be the first to admit that several times I accepted the mindset that if we just wait a few more weeks or months, then we can get back to original plans. It didn’t take long to realize there were a lot of things that were going to need to be done ‘about right’ or accomplished a different way NOW rather than done perfectly but too late. 

Now, two years into leading through COVID-disrupted times, the value of the Brubacher team DISCOVERING new things because of COVID is plain to see. Instead of complaining about what we can’t change, I’ve made a personal commitment in 2022 to look for the things that ‘Because of COVID, we discovered…’

I am proud of what the Brubacher team is consistently revealing.

Because of COVID, we discovered greater levels of:

  • Flexibility as crews deal with short-notice absences, training plans that are adjusted, etc.
  • Personal care for coworkers and the well-being of their families.
  • Cross-training more team members to enhance career development and minimize disruptions.
  • Creativity in conducting meetings, trainings, and ways to stay connected with others.
  • New and expanded use of technology to reduce health risks, increase collaboration, and use resources more wisely.
  • Patience and understanding towards others who are also dealing with change and disruption.
  • Teamwork – sharing resources where they will be most effective.
  • Clarity about what is a necessity and what is a luxury. Some things we thought were important turned out to be nice to have, while some things that seemed like a luxury became critical to fulfill commitments and meet goals.

I encourage you to avoid the temptation to adopt a victim-of-circumstance mindset. Instead, choose to look for the things you, your team, or your family discovered… because of COVID. Ask your team and your family members. Their responses might surprise you!