Valley Suburban

January 2022 marked the groundbreaking of Valley Suburban’s first two phases, a planned 98-lot townhouse community located near Coatesville, PA. This job site is positioned directly across from Chester County G.O. Carlson Airport, neighbors the township building, is within full view and access to Business Route 30 and is also in close proximity to a Williams Gas Line. There are multiple facets of work to be performed and being in a high-traffic area with many key entities surrounding the job site will require our crew to do what they do best – continuously provide insight on site to produce high quality work and professional internal and external communications from start to finish. They acknowledge the importance of risk mitigation, especially, and consider how solutions will impact the project both in the eyes of the client and the public (township residents, passersby, etc.).

At Brubacher, we truly believe in our mission of Shaping the World We Live In. Valley Suburban has been thoroughly planned out in coordination with Prestige Group, the civil engineer, and municipality and township personnel, and will bring to life a residential community that will become home to nearly 100 families. This project will include approximately 70,000 cubic yards of dirt to be moved, 25,000 linear feet of piping to be installed, 27,000 square yards of paving, as well as work for HOP improvements on state roads, storm sewers and utility pole relocations.

“We’ve had two prior projects with Brubacher, and they went like clockwork: Tall Trees at Downingtown and Roundhill,” said Richard Natow, President of Prestige Group, who coordinated and oversaw the approval process for Valley Suburban. “This will be our third project with them. They continue to deliver on time and on budget. The team has been outstanding from the initial pricing through various iterations of plans and changes, and they keep us informed. Even with prices jumping in the production industry, they’ve held to their original quote. The team is very communicative and very helpful.”

Brubacher Project Manager Chris S., Project Engineer Taylor G., and Senior Estimator Adam H. are working together to lead this project successfully through completion with the team, keeping our core values at the forefront: safety, initiative, integrity, and teamwork. They are especially grateful to have veteran Brubacher employee Joel A. on site, as he is one that many look up to and lean on for valuable knowledge. The camaraderie that he has with the field team and crew is significant.

We are excited about the opportunity to show Prestige Group that the things they valued about their prior experiences with Brubacher still hold true about our team and work today. Our goal to ensure a site well planned and properly developed will be met as we continue to identify any risk mitigation efforts early on, formulate and present viable solutions, and follow through with the actions needed to ensure a job done right for completion by the end of 2022.

“It is our priority to be transparent and forward thinking to overcome challenges before they arise in the field, so the project can be performed flawlessly,” said Taylor. “We reaffirmed the relationship with our client up front, helping them understand we will always look out for their best interests. There’s a lot of companies who do what we do, but the quality of which it is done by Brubacher is different