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50 Years of Excellence

Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

Fifty years ago, Ben Brubacher founded this company fueled by the recognition he received for seeing what needed to be done to meet customer needs, treating their resources like they were his own, and working hard to meet commitments. A few close calls that could have altered or ended his life on the farm and in the early years of business drove home the value of thinking ahead to what could happen and prioritizing safety.

Never much for paperwork and meetings, Ben didn’t write a business plan, financial projections, a vision or mission statement and he didn’t hang up a poster listing core values. That didn’t keep everyone from understanding very clearly what was important! Employees quickly learned to look ahead to see and do the work without being told to do it, work together with others to get the job done and do what’s right even when the customer or inspector isn’t there. As the industry grew in hazard awareness, so did Brubacher’s commitment to health and safety, underscoring the God-given value we place on the lives and livelihoods of our team and their families.

The company grew significantly in the 2000’s and it became apparent that without clear vision, mission and values, people arrived at various conclusions about what was important. Reflecting on the past, receiving input from clients and team members, while aspiring to the future, the company developed the first version of these statements in 2006.

In 2021, our 50th year in business, we’re pleased to introduce our re-stated and refined mission, vision, and values. In developing our Strategic Plan for the next several years, the management team started with this foundation to guide our plans, our behaviors, and initiatives:

Our Mission: Shaping the World we Live in

Our Vision: To be Uncommonly Refreshing in our Approach to People, Projects, and Solutions

Our Values: Safety, Integrity, Initiative and Teamwork

While we know very little about what the future holds for the next 50 years, the Brubacher family is confident of two things:

  • God will continue to faithfully provide as He has done in the past.
  • The Brubacher Team committed to living out these principles will be equipped to successfully face every opportunity or challenge ahead!

It is ONLY by the combination of these two beliefs that we celebrate this milestone. Every generation of employees has been stretched to learn and grow by opportunity and adversity. The future promises the same, yet in different ways. On the surface, construction will be ever more reliant on technology, connected data and even artificial intelligence. At the core of Brubacher’s success for the next 50 years is a team who is committed to Shaping the World we Live in by being Uncommonly Refreshing in our Approach to People, Projects, and Solutions.