Our Values

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Caring for Our Community

Many years ago, the Big Buck Contest began as a way for Brubacher employees to show off their deer season trophies and give back to the community. This year, we continued the tradition with the contest running from the beginning of archery season in September to the end of late archery season in January. Cabela’s gift cards will be awarded to the three contestants whose entries score with the largest antlers.

While we enjoy celebrating a successful hunting season with employees, there’s a much bigger meaning behind the Big Buck Contest. To enter, each contestant donates five food items for CrossNet Ministries. All employees are welcome to donate to the food drive to support CrossNet’s mission of providing a safe space for youth to grow, and meeting housing, food and other needs within eastern Lancaster County.

We care about our employees here, and we care about meeting the needs of people in our greater community. The Big Buck Contest is just one way we’re focusing on making a difference in the surrounding area. Even though COVID-19 restrictions complicated the donation process, the Brubacher team donated over 300 pounds of items and took the initiative to ensure donations were prepped and ready to take to CrossNet.

Celebrating the Retirement of Janie and Joyce

Janie Nolt and Joyce Bezler have both dedicated over a decade working mostly behind the scenes to serve co-workers and clients of Brubacher with excellence. On December 31, they clocked out for the last time to enter into their new, well-deserved adventures in the next phase of life.

Janie and Joyce

Janie began her career here 15 years ago in accounts payable. In 2009, she applied for the role of Executive Admin and hasn’t looked back since. Janie is proud to help live out the Brubacher values and is legendary for her friendly hospitality.

Figuring out how to get everything done that keeps the office functioning while still making time for people is a unique trait that defined Janie’s work. Janie is forever grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the birth of an employee’s child, or offering a listening ear or a timely word of advice.

Along with handling everything from meetings, to logo-wear, and endless “help me with the printer” requests to personally caring for employees, Janie also supported the leadership team administratively. Her deeply empathetic nature allows her to sense what others need, what Keith needed for the week, and how to take care of the small tasks that enable others to do their job.

Janie thanks Brubacher’s willingness to provide training and mentorship opportunities for employees to help her thrive throughout the years. After her retirement, Janie will be succeeded by Jeneen Keck.

Joyce joined the Brubacher family 14 years ago in accounts payable and billing. When an opportunity in accounts payable opened, Joyce quickly stepped up to fill the role. Since then, Joyce handled accounts payable where she continued to grow through company-provided learning opportunities.

We’re forever grateful for Joyce’s perseverance and dedication to Brubacher. In 2008, she remained an essential part of our team through the recession and managed accounts payable on her own for 10 years. Even during the COVID pandemic shutdown, Joyce was there for us in the office, eager to finish her career strong! Joyce will be succeeded by Heather Gapinski.

It’s undeniable that throughout the years both Janie and Joyce have been the family we all needed. And, it’s that comradery, they say, that they’ll carry with them forever.

So, what’s next for these two?

Janie and her husband would like to volunteer in mission work (after he retires from Brubacher in 2021), spend time with their grandkids and former foster care children, traveling, hiking, and volunteer as camp hosts at a few State and National Parks.

Joyce is excited to spend time finishing a year-long remodeling project. She is looking forward to an upcoming return trip to South Africa and to spending time with her granddaughter.

Goodbyes are never easy, and the extended Brubacher family of co-workers is thankful for both Janie and Joyce. We’re excited to see where life’s adventures take them next!