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Hagerman’s Run Culvert Extensions

In August, the Brubacher Energy Services crew made their way above Trout Run to Hagerman’s Run where they prepared to extend existing culverts at three stream crossings. The narrow mountain road with limited access and staging areas presented various challenges, and our team rose to the challenge, completing the job on time at the end of October.

Our crew began by excavating to uncover the 8.5-foot-wide footings several feet beneath the existing pipe. To access the existing pipe and make way for concrete footing placements, they set up a bypass pump system to maintain water flow.

Despite narrow roads and limited access, the Brubacher crew successfully added approximately 35 feet of pipe each culvert.  The management and field team worked together to plan how the project would flow. Often, that meant sending materials around the entire mountain or backing trucks up the mountain road.

Minimizing the environmental footprint is important on Brubacher projects, especially ones like this in active streams.  After the culvert walls were completed, the stream bed was restored with large rock and native stream bed material. Recon Construction Services, Inc. performed soil cementing to strengthen the road.

No matter the unexpected obstacles, the Brubacher crew gathered in their daily huddles, reviewed what needed to be done, and kept the project moving forward safely while protecting the integrity of the environment.

Arcadia West

The Arcadia West natural gas main extension project began in September with a contract to install 19,740 feet of 12" HDPE pipe to supply the Arcadia West and West Hills Industrial Parks with natural gas, rather than relying on propane or other fuel sources. The project runs from Weisenberg Township to Upper Macungie and is set to end in February 2021.

During the bid and pre-construction stages, the Brubacher project team negotiated a modified schedule with the client that saved them a substantial amount of money and gave Brubacher more flexibility with their labor resources on this and other projects.  We were also strategic in our selection of qualified subcontractors on this project to ensure that we delivered a quality product to the client without risk of defect or missed schedule commitments.

As of publication, Brubacher crews and their subcontractors have installed 8,500 feet of pipe, completed seven horizontal directional drill shots, and two jack and bore underneath Interstate 78 and a creek.

The crew is also dealing with rock, as anticipated in building the original schedule. Brubacher excavated pits in excess of 20 feet deep to prepare for the jack and bore operations. In caring for the land and community around them, the crew placed 1,300 feet of composite matting through farmland to ensure construction equipment didn’t compact fields for future tilling.

The complexities of this project require the entire team to take initiative and be resourceful to maintain progress. Steve L., project superintendent, and Tim M., pipe supervisor, coordinate closely with the client's team as they continue to build baseline plans. As those plans change day-by-day, the entire team pulls together to adjust.

Villages at Hillview

At the end of October, the Brubacher crew began land clearing and basin construction on 35 acres to prepare 90 homesites for active adults who will be moving into new homes. The Villages at Hillview project is just north of Coatesville, PA. It is being developed by Lennar Homes.

The crew has finished clearing the 35 acres and constructing basins for storm water management. Building the basins presented a unique challenge when the excavation crew was unable to find an onsite source for the clay core.  Functioning stormwater controls are key to protecting the watershed from sediment and erosion. The project team promptly located an offsite source and worked with the client to import clay.

Upon completion of this project, Brubacher will have moved over 220,000 CY of topsoil and fill material, installed 8,000 feet of sanitary sewer pipe, 7,500 feet of storm sewer pipe, 9,600 feet of curb, and placed 8,400 tons of asphalt. This preparation and work, including 14,000 square feet of retaining walls, is being done in the backyard of an existing housing community. Everyone onsite is working to be a good neighbor, maintaining a safe site.