Why Wellness Matters

Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

In a time where we're all so focused on the end result—the completion of projects that make our clients satisfied and show the world what our company can do—it's easy to become blinded by that tunnel vision. For instance, we all recognize the importance of jobsite safety. But how many of us have that same focus on wellness outside of work?

Our mission at Brubacher is people-based, which means we exist because of our team members. So, when our team members become hurt or sick, our business feels it too. That's why we're constantly striving to eliminate barriers that might prevent our team members—or as we think of them, our family—from getting assistance when they need it.

It's no secret to anyone that health care costs continue to rise, but what you should also know is that our company has relentlessly pursued new and creative ways to make health care an affordable reality for team members.

One of the most significant changes we've made is the introduction of an onsite wellness clinic. Through a partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine, we've staffed our Construct Health Clinic with a full-time nurse practitioner who can see team members and dependents for routine care. We also regularly dispatch a health coach to jobsites to connect with team members for a review of their health goals and a discussion about how to reach them.

Why do we do this? Because we want to promote wellness in a way that's affordable, accessible, and convenient for team members.

During the open enrollment period, we stressed the importance of education. Trying to decipher the ideas, concepts, and language used in the description of health plans can feel a bit like you're reading a foreign language. We aimed to combat this by helping team members connect the dots and find a plan that works best for them and their unique situation.

People are often afraid of the unknown, so walking team members through models of how each plan would handle real-life scenarios quelled a lot of fears. Through that exercise, we saw many team members switch to a plan better designed for what they need that also saves them money—we feel really good about that.

My vision is for all team members to have the opportunity to discover and live out their fullest God-given potential. On the health and wellness side, we invite people to the knowledge, resources, coaching, health care, and benefits that can guide them in becoming good stewards of the life they have received.

And as a leadership team, we'll be with them every step of the way.