Franklin Mint

The Franklin Mint project is the latest in a line of continued work with Toll Brothers, one of the country's preeminent developers. In order to clear the area for what will eventually become 269 housing units, we performed a variety of site improvements. This work included clearing 36 acres, moving of nearly 300,000 cubic yards of material, about five miles of utility piping, 65,000 square feet of retaining walls, and paving 7,500 tons.

The site proved challenging due to lots of rock and design changes.  In all, Trinity Drilling & Blasting performed about 80 blasts to remove rock. Most impressively, we completed these efforts without incident or damage, despite sub-optimal site conditions and weather.

We are honored that Toll Brothers chose Brubacher for this project, and we look forward to continuing work through the estimated completion date of October 2020.

Wayne Glen

After performing earthwork, utility installation, curb, stone, and paving work throughout 2019 at Wayne Glen, the Brubacher team continued that momentum to winter of 2020. After completing the first phase, crews refocused their efforts on installing a dam and a box culvert. Consistently wet weather proved to be a formidable challenge, but nothing that Brubacher couldn't solve.

First, crews replaced an old pipe with a large culvert before moving upstream in the area's regional basin. In order to work around unsuitable soils, crews pumped concrete into the ground to stabilize and bridge the area to avoid sinkholes. They also added U-shaped footers to support the weight of the arch culvert. Once the footers were in place, we installed a totally unique revetment system. This puzzle-like approach involved the use of a 300-ton crane to precisely and quickly lay the pieces into place.

The job tested our team's ability to not only think creatively, but to weather the storm (literally and figuratively) when conditions were less than ideal.


With any project, taking precautions to ensure the business has minimal downtime is always important, but it becomes essential when you're handling a paving project like Brubacher did for Super-Valu. This project included work on areas for employee parking and heavy trucks, so coordination to keep Super-Valu's operations free of delays was key. Over the course of six days, Brubacher crews—with the help of partners like A. Giuliani Co., Astec, R.S. Snyder Trucking, Reilly Sweeping, and Star Striping, removed 2,000 tons of millings and placed 2,000 tons of 9.5 mm wearing course asphalt.

In addition, Brubacher crews undercut the parking area, accomplished by selflessly staying late on a Friday night. Brubacher and all related partners worked efficiently and safely en route to making a repeat client happy again.

UGI Extension at Hamburg

The Hamburg Commerce Park is currently in the process of an upgrade to meet the highest investment-grade standards, and Brubacher is proud to have played a role in that improvement. The main purpose of our work on this UGI project was to facilitate gas service to new warehouses. We accomplished this by installing a 12-inch HDPE gas main and repaving the roadway surface after completion.

The crew worked collaboratively—overcoming weather setbacks with the help of a submersible pump to remove ground water daily—completing the project on time and to the client's satisfaction.