Evansburg Tract

Brubacher was contracted by DeLuca Homes, a longtime customer, to complete clearing, E&S, earthwork, sanitary/storm sewer, water line, curb and paving for a 24-unit residential site in Lower Providence, PA. From the onset of the project, the Brubacher project team knew that there could be conflicts between the planned stormwater discharge piping and existing water and gas lines in a PennDOT roadway. The Brubacher team exercised our Insight. On Site. motto by encouraging all parties involved in the project to understand the issue up front rather than agree to solve it later.

Ed F., Project Manager, recognized Matt K., Survey Manager, and Gregg K., Site Superintendent, for working together to provide insights for redesigning that portion of the project, which involved a PA 1-Call and using our vacuum excavation truck to precisely locate utilities for the most accurate redesign possible. Their efforts, along with the rest of the project team, provided upfront, invaluable knowledge about the issue prior to starting the project.

Swedesford 66

  • The Brubacher team prepping the roadway for remediation of unstable soils.

  • The insertion manhole was located on a county trail used heavily by local residents. The team took special precaution to preserve the usefulness of the trail during good weather while installing the manhole.

  • A trench box in action to protect the pipe layer while installing sanitary sewer main.

The McKee Group hired Brubacher to perform sitework, utilities, and paving to prepare a site for 66 new townhomes in East Whiteland Township, PA. This project contained several hurdles which were deftly handled by the team with fresh perspective and mindfulness of our customer’s best interest and bottom line.

The Brubacher team demonstrated our "Insight. On Site." motto by encouraging hesitant township authorities to allow directional drilling a steep gravity sewer across Swedesford Rd – an extremely busy road – as opposed to open cutting the roadway. This approach reduced risks on several fronts.The team also showed integrity in the stewardship of local trails affected by the project and, finally, were able to minimize costs to our customer with their efficient management of unsuitable soils.

Josh S., Project Manager, recognized the team for being proactive and showing great initiative with plan changes, site conditions, and unique scope of work.

Energy Services Winter Road Maintenance

  • One of many of the roads that Brubacher is responsible for maintaining. Because these roads are primarily gravel, cinder must be used instead of salt – using salt eventually softens the road, which would cause great expense to our customers to repair.

  • Brubacher snow removal equipment on site after a recent snow. Part of Brubacher's responsibilities after maintaining the road is make sure that our customers' employees and their own customers can make it to the site.

  • Brubacher snow removal equipment on site after a recent snow. Part of Brubacher's responsibilities after maintaining the road is make sure that our customers' employees and their own customers can make it to the site.

Over the winter, our Energy Services team in Northern PA is contracted to perform winter maintenance on over 22 miles of mostly gravel roads for some of the area’s largest energy companies. Because these companies lease or own the roads, the State is not required to maintain them, so they engage Brubacher. This responsibility includes being on call 24/7 to perform plowing, salting/cindering, adding stone and grading, drainage maintenance, delineator installation, traffic control, and vehicle assistance and recovery.

The work is difficult and the conditions, by nature of the work, are always challenging. Dave R., Energy Services Project Manager, says that the work is important, because “if the energy companies are not able to access their sites, they stand to lose big money every day.” More significantly, the roads need to be passable, so emergency vehicles can access work sites in the event of an injury.

The road maintenance performed by our Energy Services team is a perfect example of how our employees live our Core Values every day. The work is always grueling and never glamorous; but, the team highly regards the value of the work in keeping clients safe, able to work and maintain their production commitments.