Chris Sztenderowicz

Brubacher welcomes Chris Sztenderowicz as Business Development Director

Keith Brubacher, President, believes that construction contractors must continue to “change or gradually become extinct” to stay competitive in today’s environment. This past Fall, the Company brought on Chris Sztenderowicz as Business Development Director to provide fresh perspective in the Company’s constant commitment to new opportunities that will carry us into the future.

Chris joins Brubacher with 19 years of success in pioneering and developing new markets in construction.

As a Company, we recognize the need to seek new opportunities and meet emerging needs of our customers. In his role as Business Development Director, Chris will strive to form long term relationships with our valued partners. Specifically, he will gain an intimate understanding of our customers' needs and drive flexibility to provide services our clients value. Finally, he will steer the Company's commitment to exploring new markets, partnerships, and services to better meet our customers' needs.

Outside of work, Chris describes himself as devoted to the women in his life (his wife and four daughters). He enjoys attending his children’s many sporting events, being active in his Church, working on his collection of antique cars, and vacationing with his family.