• The Blizzard of '96, with 26 inches of snow, saw Brubacher Excavating with numerous snow removal accounts in Lancaster and Berks Counties, using the Cat 973 Track Loader for snow removal at the shop.

  • Snow drifts covered the tool room door (where the estimating wing is now) during the blizzard of '96. Wilmer Nolt, who is still employed at Brubacher, skied to work to answer the phones and take pictures.

  • Skip Ranck and Weaver Nolt are working on the Cat 627 E Trans at Perkiomen Greene in May of 1996. Both men are still Brubacher employees and Brubacher Excavating is blessed to have many long service technicians who have continued learning technology and growing their skills to remain valuable team members.

  • Ron Spadafora, operating the JD 710 D at Wernersville park, started as a track loader and backhoe operator in the 1990's, became a site supervisor, and is currently a project manager. The Brubacher weld shop built the extended outrigger on the right side to improve safety and efficiency of the operation.