So What?

Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

So we moved millions of yards of dirt, installed thousands of miles of pipe, cleared hundreds of acres and paved a few dozen square miles. We've built roads and railroad beds, utility systems and shopping centers, warehouse pads and well pads, home-sites and hog farms, golf courses and gas lines, schools, churches and the list goes on. Does it really matter?

Contractors accept and manage or deal with all types of risk. Soil conditions, weather, labor, underground and overhead utilities, schedule, traffic, theft, vandalism and many more. Is the potential for reward worth the risk?

Why do we do what we do at Brubacher? It's a question I've been asked many times over the years. The answer has become more clear over time as it is tested in the crucibles of success, difficulty and reality. The journey to get to "WHY?" seems to have several layers.

At the outer layers, we all want to earn a living, provide for our loved ones and meet our commitments. Then there's the personal satisfaction of a good day's work, overcoming challenges as a team, surpassing a client expectation and meeting a goal. And who can overlook the feeling of power when operating a dozer or the controlled finesse of an excavator bucket at the bottom of a 20' trench? We take pride in knowing that our work is the physical foundation for nearly every aspect of our community infrastructure that provides everything from a stable house to safe drinking water. We feel a sense of responsibility knowing that clients repeatedly trust the Brubacher team of construction professionals with their projects and dollars.

But at the core, we believe there is an uncommonly refreshing approach to construction that is worth the challenges of living it out every day. It is an approach that values people, builds trust and stewards that trust wisely. The Brubacher family does what we do because we believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to live out God's principles in the business world. We are committed to...

  • Practicing safety because we value life created in God's image, with a unique purpose for each person. No one should have that purpose cut short for the sake of an extra dollar or a minute saved.
  • Operating with integrity and honesty because we believe everything we do is seen and known, whether a client, supervisor or inspector is there or not.
  • Taking initiative to do what we see needs to be done and what we've agreed to do because our work has a higher purpose. Life is too short for "combat construction" instead of collaboration.
  • Treating others with respect because they have eternal value and deserve respect as a fellow human being, even during disagreement and disappointment. Construction is skilled, noble work and our team members in all roles deserve to be treated with dignity.
I'll be the first to admit that we're far from perfect in achieving these goals consistently. That realization motivates us each day to keep pressing ahead, learning from mistakes, and building and supporting a team that is committed to operating with the same principles.