Madison at Lansdale

  • Brubacher crews removing old underground infrastructure on an urban redevelopment project in Lansdale, PA. The finished project will be a 181-unit apartment complex on 6.7 acres.

  • Offsite sanitary sewer installation in Lansdale, PA.

  • Casey O.’s pipe crew setting one of two 23,000 lb. meter pits.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

DeLuca Homes hired Brubacher to perform complex earthwork at an old SEPTA station that is being repurposed into six apartment buildings and a small retail area. Over the course of the project, Brubacher will demolish and remove sidewalk, curbed parking lots, and underground structures. Finally, Brubacher will grade the site, install storm and sewer systems, trench for electric and water, and complete stone and paving work.

Crews have overcome several challenges, including the removal and demolition of multiple unknown underground objects, as well as a 17’ deep sanitary tie-in in the middle of a busy intersection. Recent single-digit temperatures have not helped.

Project manager Ed F. recognized the crews for going the extra mile in harsh winter conditions to meet the original schedule with the challenge of multiple additional underground objects that had to be removed.

Northern PA Gas Well Pad and Access Road

  • "Under the rainbow" – Brubacher fleet ready to roll. 7 acre well pad construction site, Northern PA.

  • One of several sediment and storm water control features included in the pad and roadway scope of work.

  • Night shift earthmoving.

  • CAT 349F loading an articulated dump truck onsite.

Brubacher was hired to upgrade 2.5 miles of access road and the largest well pad that the Company has ever built, consisting of 42,000 cubic yards of excavation over 7 acres. The access road required 16,000 cubic yards of excavation, including installation of several infiltration basins and over 1,000 linear feet of storm pipe.

The crew experienced an accelerated work schedule, as well as a starting delay due to schedule overruns by another contractor onsite. Wet weather throughout the fall wreaked havoc on the workability of sensitive soils at the site, which required the sacrifice of many weekends and some nights. Finally, for most of the team, this site was three or more hours away from home. Project Manager Kevin B. recognized the entire crew for staying on schedule, considering the many difficulties, and for tangibly demonstrating our core value of safety by finishing the project with no injuries or incidents while the schedule and multiple delays required an aggressive build.

Westtown Woods

  • Underground storm water basin installation using a "stone slinger" truck.

Westtown, Pennsylvania

J. Loew Associates hired Brubacher to perform earthwork and install sanitary and storm sewer systems, underground systems, water line, and paving for a 15-home residential project in Westtown, PA. After a site topographical survey was performed early in the project, Brubacher team members determined that the earthwork would not balance. The project team was uncommonly refreshing in their approach to this difficulty in developing a cost-effective and time-efficient proposal to balance the site.

In the coming months, the Brubacher team onsite will tie into a water line and perform directional drilling for a sanitary force main across four lanes of highway on Route 202.

Project Manager Josh S. extends his gratitude to the crew for their patience in dealing with several issues related to the topography of the project. Specifically, he recognizes Wilmer N., Public Land Surveyor, for his demonstration of our core value of initiative in his identification of several issues that the team would need to address early in the project.

36-38 Loop Pipeline Clearing

  • Brubacher's Land Clearing crew preparing the way for a 6,300-ft. long pipeline in Susquehanna County.

  • Brubacher's Land Clearing crew preparing the way for a 6,300-ft. long pipeline in Susquehanna County.

  • Brubacher's Land Clearing crew preparing the way for a 6,300-ft. long pipeline in Susquehanna County.

Northern Pennsylvania

Brubacher’s Land Clearing crew has been busy clearing a 10 acre stretch down the side of a mountain in Northern PA to make way for the installation of 6,300 linear feet of natural gas pipeline. The team has overcome a plethora of unique challenges, including frozen ground from single-digit temperatures and wet mud the next day from temperatures in the forties and fifties. The crew exercised great care when crossing two high quality trout streams and 1,000 feet of wetland. Clearing Manager Barney C. recognized his team for staying three hours away from home to complete the project on time.