Brubacher team members are passionate about onsite safety. When unsafe practices are observed and corrected, Brubacher team members are encouraged to report those actions to the rest of their team or other contractors onsite. When an employee notices an unsafe practice taking place, they can fill out a BOSS (Behavior Observation Safety System) Card. Monthly, BOSS Card writers are chosen by the Safety Committee to receive a reward for maintaining awareness of the importance of our core value of safety. BOSS Card winners for the past month were:

Eric M - Recognized for pointing out that the use of water valve risers as trailer wheel chocks, though common practice, was creating a unique difficulty in this instance that could result in injury to the team.

Melissa M - Recognized for identifying a poorly designed materials delivery entry on site. The employee directed traffic to resolve the issue at hand and recommended relocation of the entrance.

Steve L - Recognized for identifying a faulty device on site. The employee recommended a replacement.
Onsite meeting

Daily Huddle led by Project Manager Kevin B. on site at a large gas well pad and access road project in Northern PA.