Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

A typo is not a great way to start a newsletter we send out to hundreds of people, but it can lead to a good reminder about one of the qualities in every successful person. I started typing ‘Latest Scoop President’s Message’ in my iPad and accidentally spelled "Persident’s Message." After all these years away from operating, my fingers are still more at home in the equipment cab than the keyboard! I smiled at my mistake, but it’s similarity to ‘persistence’ struck me.

Success in construction, as with most careers, has a lot to do with persistence. We tend to think about this more during winter when some combination of mud, snow, frozen ground and cold temperatures make every task more challenging. Our clients, developers, utility and energy companies,  face their own obstacles where persistence is required. Whether dealing with regulations, approval processes or financing, a high level of persistence must accompany even the most compelling vision if it’s going to become real.

As I think about our most successful team members at Brubacher, everyone has overcome situations along the way that tested their level of perseverance. Some of those came in the form of a tough project, a sequence of difficult people to deal with or a personal crisis. Those challenges had a way of both revealing and strengthening their character and perseverance. They are also a time for co-workers to share their help and support to ensure a successful outcome.

When I visit projects, our team members are eager to describe what they’re doing or a challenging operation that was just completed. After listening to the details and how they’re addressing them, I often remark that if it were easy, someone else with less skill, perseverance and support would likely be doing the work instead of Brubacher.

Planning, meeting and overcoming challenges in construction is part of the satisfaction we feel when a job is well done. Some of those will disappear with the return of spring while others intensify. We value the opportunity to help our clients manage risk and reduce stress by identifying and managing around the difficult parts of their projects.