Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

"Winter is an exciting time at Brubacher!"

To hear a weather-dependent construction contractor say that sounds odd at the least, almost heretical. Indeed, we aren't setting any revenue records in January and February. Off-season is an excellent time to prepare for delivering on our promise to clients and co-workers: to be uncommonly refreshing in our approach to people, projects and solutions.

I observe employees taking part in safety and compliance training, participating in the Brubacher Leadership Development Program, learning about equipment maintenance and operator certification. Our training room is active with professional development classes that help our team grow in understanding themselves and how they relate with others, utilize construction technology and read plans. We believe that a strong commitment to developing great people is the key to building great relationships with clients and their projects. An expanding market, combined with industry demographics, brings this truth into sharp focus for contractors.

The Brubacher University Committee leads the training and development focus at Brubacher. A new initiative for 2016 is the Brubacher Basic Training concept that will provide hands-on and classroom training for all new field employees. The objective is to enhance their ability to be safe and productive on the jobsite, while learning the Brubacher culture and expectations.

Earning the trust of our clients by sharing insight, reducing stress and managing risk for their projects requires us to continually evaluate our performance, maintain what we’re doing well and grow in the areas we need to improve. Winter is an excellent time to reinforce and develop our team so that we can continue to serve our clients with excellence!