Safety Myths & Motivations

There’s a lot of discussion about “safety” in the construction industry today, but the definition of a “safe workplace” varies greatly.

At Brubacher, we’ve discovered that creating and maintaining a truly safe workplace takes a certain mindset, habit of behaviors and culture. We’ve made a commitment to establish a behavior-based safety culture founded on the belief that any time an unsafe behavior or condition exists, an accident can occur. Our focus is on changing unsafe behaviors and eliminating unsafe conditions. Each Brubacher team member has a personal responsibility to assess these potential hazards and take action to correct them or bring them to prompt attention of someone who can.

We’ve gotten past the three myths of safe workplaces, but have you? Is your safety program truly effective? Is safety getting the kind of attention it deserves on your site? In this whitepaper, I’ll discuss these three myths and correct them, so you can minimize the risk of devastating accidents on your next project.