Chris S Promoted to Project Manager

Chris Stephens

Brubacher is excited to welcome Chris S., project manager, back to our family of employees. As many of you know, Chris was a site supervisor for approximately 13 years. After a short period away, he recently returned as a site superintendent and is transitioning into the project manager role. Chris will be responsible for project budgets, buying materials, getting submittals, giving direction to the site supervisor, and more. 

Chris is excited to rejoin the Brubacher team, especially to be back with his co-workers. 

“I’m just glad to be around the people that I’ve established relationships with over the last 13 years,” Chris said. “It’s a great group of core people and has a family atmosphere.”

Evolving into the project manager role is an exciting step for Chris. He is appreciative of the support he’s receiving from the leadership team as he takes on new responsibilities. 

As a former site supervisor, Chris understands the many on-site challenges crews face. He’s looking forward to using that perspective to predict what his crew needs for each unique project. His goal is to ensure the path is clear for team members to get their work done safely and efficiently. 

Our ongoing 50th anniversary celebration revolves around people. The relationships made here at Brubacher are solid in their foundations and deeply rooted. This is why Chris feels it was easy to come back to Brubacher. It’s also what made his return a celebration for all of us here at Brubacher. 

Caleb G: From Laborer to Superintendent

Caleb Groff
Caleb G. joined the Brubacher team just two-and-a-half years ago as a laborer on the dirt crew. After a year in this role, he was promoted to site assistant. Caleb’s initiative and determination propelled him into his current role as site superintendent. 

As site superintendent, Caleb is scheduling crew members, strategizing how projects run, ensuring worksite safety, and planning to give his crew what they need to accomplish their jobs. His main priority as site superintendent is to be by his crew’s side and jump in where they need help. 

Caleb credits his co-workers, in addition to his effort and initiative, for helping him accomplish his career goals at Brubacher so quickly. Everyone at Brubacher, including laborers, supervisors, and leadership, is motivating Caleb to continue excelling in every challenge he takes on. 

“I couldn’t do anything without my guys and Brubacher’s leadership,” Caleb said. “Teamwork plays a huge role in every aspect of the day, and everyone is here working together. I’ve always felt noticed, which made me want to work harder and prove that I can do this.”

In the coming months, Caleb is excited to complete his current project and start a new one on his own as site superintendent in the fall. His goal is to make sure jobs are successful, be there for his crew, and consistently improve his own skillset with learning opportunities. 

Brubacher’s Newest Site Superintendent, Jordan F

Jordan F

Jordan F. started his journey at Brubacher as an operator seven years ago. After three years in his initial role, he was promoted to lead operator. Now, he is a site superintendent. 

In his new role, Jordan is scheduling crew members, projects, and equipment as well as collaborating with project managers on cost and job site performance. The increase in responsibility is something he welcomes as he receives constant support from other supervisors. 

Jordan recognizes Keith’s acknowledgment of his employees’ accomplishments as a key motivating factor. It’s the family-oriented atmosphere, like Keith sending birthday cards every year with specific achievements, that keeps Jordan wanting to take on new responsibilities at Brubacher. 

“Recognizing when someone does a good job is something leadership is really good at doing,” Jordan said. “When people acknowledge that you’re doing a good job on your task, it helps you want to progress and continue making yourself better.”

One of Jordan’s favorite aspects of working at Brubacher is training younger operators to run equipment. He takes pride in seeing them progress and operate equipment on their own. Moving forward, Jordan is excited to take on his first big project and see it through to completion. 

Meet Brubacher’s Newest Pipe Supervisor

Zach C
Nearly three years ago, Zach C. joined Brubacher as a pipe laborer. Today, he is running job sites as pipe supervisor. 

Zach likes the challenge and increased responsibility of his new role. He’s focusing on knowing how everyone does their job so he can effectively guide his crew on getting the job done beyond clients’ expectations. To manage his crew effectively and keep everyone safe, Zach regularly reaches out to other supervisors for advice. 

While Zach is proud of his promotion, he gives all the credit to his crew for their never-ending support. 
“When the pipe supervisor role opened, everyone supported me in getting the position,” Zach said. “We’re best friends here, not just co-workers. Even when the job gets stressful and tensions are high, we love each other and are here to help one another succeed.”

As he steps into this new role, Zach is focused on always evolving and improving. He wants to learn from people’s mistakes and successes so he can safely and effectively lead his crew. Zach also wants to continue growing relationships with everyone at Brubacher in hopes that he can offer the same support and guidance to others who want to grow in their roles.