What will you Harvest?

Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

My grandfather and father both grew up as farmers before becoming excavators. They certainly moved from one weather-dependent income stream to another by following their passion for dirt rather than a business diversification model!

I grew up watching steam engines pass our house on the way to steam tobacco beds in the spring, listening to the clackety-clack of horse-drawn threshing machines binding wheat, and frequently hearing the phrase “Make hay while the sun shines”. In fact, I got to watch that principle being lived out as Brubacher Excavating took shape around me. The laws of sowing and reaping were demonstrated in their truest agricultural sense all around me, and in the large garden that doubled as my jobsite.

There are three basic laws of sowing and reaping, or planting and harvesting. They apply to the framework of our individual lives, and in relation to the culture we're building at Brubacher:

We reap WHAT we sow
We reap LATER than we sow
We reap MORE than what we sow

The job of leaders is to Define, Model, and Promote our values and culture, re-directing or correcting gaps as they occur.

When we do these four things, we are sowing the seeds of a good culture and value system. It takes consistent effort and the results take time to emerge, whether they are good or bad.

It's like the story of a farmer who went out to scatter seed...
Some fell on rocky ground and came up right away, then withered and died
Some fell among thorns, where it sprang up and quickly got choked out by other priorities
Some fell on the path where birds came and ate it before it could sprout
Some fell on good ground where it produced 30, 60 or 100 times bigger yield

We can't control how others choose to respond to the things that are important to us. However, at Brubacher we are accountable to uphold the standards of SAFETY, INTEGRITY, INITIATIVE and TEAMWORK, dealing appropriately with how others respond, whether that involves recognition, reward or re-direction.

How we and others respond to our values and culture also reveals important things about them... whether they are hungry enough to do the hard work of growing, humble enough to learn from others and make wrong roads short, and smart enough to adjust their approach to meet others where they're at.

We would all do well to ask and reflect, first about ourselves and then about our team members:

What is being planted? (What am I/we saying, doing, and rewarding?)
How is it growing? (How am I/others responding?)
What is the harvest? (What results are likely or are already visible?)

In this issue of The Latest Scoop, rather than featuring several projects, we're pleased to highlight a cross-section of our team. They and their team members are working every day to plant good seeds for an even better future by living out our vision to be uncommonly refreshing!