• Brubacher Pipe crew utilizing a CAT 336 to load excess spoils into a haul truck as they install a culvert at Project Smoke in Hatfield, PA

  • Kyle loading out fill with a Komatsu 360 excavator into triaxles to be hauled offsite as Wade pushes with a Cat D8.

  • Clarence using a John Deere 672G subgrading roads at a project in Bethlehem, PA.

  • Mark, Troy, Mike, Manny, Bobby and Guy once again displaying teamwork at its best as they complete their day of installing new watermain in the West Chester area by placing blacktop to temporarily restore their trench. Brubacher paving crews will later permanently restore the trench and overlay with fresh blacktop.

  • Dave working with a Komatsu 360 trenching to install water main on Toll Brothers' Regency at Waterside project.

  • Tim spreading lifts of fill with a John Deere 750 as Jim follows behind on a Pad Foot Roller ensuring proper compaction.

  • Todd hauling fill and topsoil to the dozer as they work together shaping a berm that will later feature a walking path for this new community.

  • John operating a brand-new Cat 308 loading spoils into Brent’s Triaxle as they install a new watermain to provide fresh and clean drinking water to a neighborhood in West Chester.

  • Flexibility is key in today’s construction world, pictured is Juan who operated this Komatsu 490LCi and kept production moving this week loading haul trucks as his teammate enjoyed a vacation.

  • Dave, Wade, Tom, Paul, Scott and Lester work to reclaim access roads previously built for a transmission line replacement project in southern Lancaster County.

  • Colt grading right of way with a Komatsu D39 which will eventually be turned into a families new front yard.

  • Colt spreading fill in a Cat D5 dozer shaping a residential project in Bethlehem, PA.

  • Brubacher utility crews work each day installing utility systems to bring the vital resources to homes in southeastern PA.