Heather G


Years of Employment: 9 months

Role: Accounts Payable Administrator

Responsibilities: Entering invoices to ensure materials are applied to the proper project and phase.

What I like most about working for Brubacher: I like the people I work with and the flexibility they’ve given me. 

Favorite Brubacher value: Teamwork. There’s so much to learn in this job and people are always willing to help me grow. 

My hobbies: Spending time with my three adult daughters on the weekends, baking, and taking care of my two dogs. 

Kyle C

Years of Employment: 8

Role: Operator

Responsibilities: Running trackhoe for gas pad work.

What I like most about working for Brubacher: We do something different every day.

Favorite Brubacher value: Teamwork. We’re like a family. 

My hobbies: Hunting, fishing, and spending time with family.

Pete D

Years of Employment: 3

Role: Assistant Estimator

Responsibilities: Assess a project’s plan and give it to the estimators so they can price the jobs. 

What I like most about working for Brubacher: The people. Everyone has been flexible, gracious, and willing to teach me. 

Favorite Brubacher value: Integrity. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we’re upfront and clear. 
Brubacher’s main focus is always on customers and employees, not the money. 

My hobbies: Cooking, playing music, and watching soccer. 

Shirwin and Trevon R

Shirwin and Trevon

Years of Employment:

Role: Lead Equipment Operator on the Paving Crew

Responsibilities: Working with the crew to help wherever they need me, including stepping in when my supervisor needs help. 

What I like most about working for Brubacher:  It’s a family here. They treat everyone equally and make sure safety measures are in place so we can go home to our families at night. 

Favorite Brubacher value: Teamwork. They always give us the opportunity to improve by teaching new skills. 

My hobbies: Writing and performing music. 

Years of Employment: 5

Role: Roller Operator

Responsibilities: Operating the small roller to make our paving jobs look polished and professional.

What I like most about working for Brubacher: I absolutely love my position as the roller guy because it leaves me feeling accomplished and proud. 

Favorite Brubacher value: Initiative. Brubacher gave me a chance when many other companies wouldn’t. If you’re up for the task and take initiative, you will be recognized and rewarded for it. 

My hobbies: Watching my favorite TV shows and movies.

Tony B

Years of Employment: 13

Role: Service Writer

Responsibilities: Taking care of the parts department by ordering parts for repairs on equipment and supervising mechanics in the shop and out in the field.

What I like most about working for Brubacher: I like the easygoing atmosphere. Everyone is happy to see you when you get to work, and if you have work-related or personal struggles, they’re there to help. 

Favorite Brubacher value: All of them. Across the board, the Brubacher team sticks to its values.

My hobbies: Spending time with family at our cabin and at Disney.

Alisha B

Years of Employment: 4.5

Role: Controller

Responsibilities: Ensuring the financial statements are accurate, overseeing finance functions – anything that deals with finance!  

What I like most about working for Brubacher: It’s definitely the people that work at Brubacher. They’re all a great group and I love working for a good person like Keith. 

Favorite Brubacher value: Integrity. Especially in finance, you need to trust your co-workers are doing the right thing when no one is looking. 

My hobbies: Chasing my two young children. 

Mark K

Mark K
Years of Employment: 5

Role: Pipe Supervisor

Responsibilities: Getting jobs started, making sure everything is laid out correctly, and helping my crew every day.

What I like most about working for Brubacher: Even though it’s a larger company, it feels like a family. Everyone takes care of you on a daily basis. 

Favorite Brubacher value: Initiative. If you show dedication and initiative, there’s always room to grow here.
My hobbies: Smoking meat, kayaking, going to the beach, and hiking in the mountains. 

Todd F

Todd F
Years of Employment: 16

Role: Site Superintendent 

Responsibilities: Organizing, scheduling, and keeping job sites running smoothly.

What I like most about working for Brubacher: I like the family-oriented atmosphere. I work with a great group of guys and the Brubachers truly care about their employees.

Favorite Brubacher value: Initiative. If you show the initiative and enthusiasm to move into new roles, there are people here to help you grow. 

My hobbies: Spending time with my family and hiking.