Grateful & Hopeful

Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

Most people have heard plenty about COVID-19, masks, physical distancing, violence, and riots. In addition to these important issues facing America, we need good news! I recognize everyone has been impacted in ways we would rather not have been these last few months, some in very tragic ways. Despite the unwanted circumstances, I am amazed and humbled by the ways so many Brubacher team members have chosen to be positive. As I interact with team members in the field, in virtual meetings and elsewhere, we discuss how they and their family are doing or have been affected by CV19 and temporary business shutdown.

Almost everyone is quick to describe thankfulness for things like extra time with family, helping their children learn to cook, eating more meals together, doing projects around the house that made their spouse happy or saved money (in some cases both were true!). Many realized just how busy their lives had become, running in different directions for multiple sports and school events.

Many have reflected on what is important in life, what will matter in eternity and valuing time invested in relationships. Without time together in usual groups of friends and family, time together in person or virtually became even more appreciated.

Construction is an industry full of hopeful people and our team's response to these challenges illustrate that clearly. Construction workers start with a site that bears no resemblance to the finished project, perhaps one like the old industrial site in Phoenixville featured in this newsletter. They overcome weather, underground utility conflicts, unknown underground site conditions and more.

It should be no surprise that the Brubacher team of construction professionals look for the silver lining in these challenges. Even when the clouds seem to have no such silver lining, I think it is our job to create one by choosing actions of caring, encouragement, generosity, and respect.